5 Ideas on How Collectors Can Use Self-storage Units


Do you keep a treasured collection? Are you a collector of toy figurines or do you have an extensive collection of music CDs? Whether you are collecting to sell in the future or you are keeping them as a hobby, we can agree that it is crucial to keep your collection in mint condition.

Often, your collection will grow over time and you may run out of extra space for storage in your home. Your storage room may not be able to adequately accommodate all your household items on top of your collection. Why not try looking for a small warehouse in Singapore where there are storage facilities such as self-storage units? Self storages in Singapore are an ideal solution for collectors, and they can serve different purposes.

If you are a collector, here are some ideas on how you can use a self-storage unit.

A Specialized, Storage Space

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Some self-storage facilities in Singapore are climate controlled. That means that you can store your wine collection, glassware, trading cards or postage stamps in conditions that will not encourage degradation in a cool and safe environment.
Wine, for example, is best stored in storage facilities in Singapore that offers climate controlled storage units. Climate control – especially moisture and temperature control – is also crucial when it comes to other collectables made out of organic material such as books and furniture (cellulose). Low temperatures keep off the mould or mildew to maintain its condition.

Double-up on Self-storage and Security in One Package

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Security should be a top concern for any collector. If you need to keep your limited-edition collectibles such as action figurines or dolls away from prying hands in your home, finding the cheapest storage space in Singapore is a safe bet in having a peace of mind.
Work+Store is a storage company in Singapore that offers storage spaces with sizes ranging from 6 sqft to 730 sqft that cater to your needs. The storage units are fitted with round-the-clock keycard access and monitored under CCTV surveillance, so your belongings will be kept secured and you’ll have 24-hour access anytime you wish to retrieve your items.

Use it as an Art Studio or Gallery

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For artists, you don’t have to make a mess at your home when creating your masterpiece or store your beautiful artworks tucked in at the back of a storage room. Display them proudly when you rent a small warehouse in Singapore to transform a unit into your own art studio or gallery. You can easily store your art supplies and decorate the space accordingly to help strike some inspiration for your art.

Work+Store storage spaces come with flexible lease terms and all-inclusive rental rates, with basic facilities like air conditioning and lights so you can utilize the space to your requirements with comfort.

Use it as Personal Space

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Call it a man cave or a hobby room, self-storage is an excellent place to have for yourself and at the same time, provide the extra space for storage for your collection. For example, if you are a music collector, you can enjoy the space to relax with your massive collection of music CDs or records. Bring along your record or CD player; it’s the perfect refuge where you can retreat and while away for a relaxing time.

A Work Space for Your Budding Business

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Storage spaces in Singapore can also be suitable as a work space to perform daily business activities. If you are a budding enterprising collector, the cheapest self storage in Singapore is an excellent solution for start-ups that need storage to carry out order fulfilments without facing the costly long-term commitment of office rentals.

Work+Store also provides workspaces from 88 sqft onwards, at 7 locations in Singapore. They are located at Bartley, Upper Thomson, Tampines, Ang Mo Kio, Eunos, Kallang and Bukit Merah which offers you great options to accommodate your needs. Your goods will be stored in the same unit where you work, to enable easier stock-taking and better goods management for your customers.

Whether it’s a hobby or you simply have a penchant for possessing various items, a self storage will come in handy to provide you with the space you need without cluttering up your home.

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