5 Reasons Why Businesses Value Flexibility In Working Spaces

Budget Business Space, Working Space For Lease

Flexible working spaces are growing in popularity as a preferred option for modern businesses. There is also a trend in self storages in Singapore offering flexible working spaces as an alternative to small businesses, e-commerce and start-up companies to run their businesses.

As people adapt to new technologies, and new ways of doing business; health and safety, workplace culture and sustainability have become central issues in the way people work. Flexible working spaces have emerged as an effective way to address these issues of the modern workforce. Here’s how:

It promotes sustainability

Budget Business Space, Working Space For Lease

Today, more businesses are paying attention to the impact they have on the environment and society such as corporate social responsibility and climate change.

Flexible workspaces enable businesses to use workspaces and resources (such as energy) more efficiently and spend fewer materials on partitions or individual uses on equipment. The fewer office machines you use, the smaller your carbon footprint. Sharing office equipment or opting for multi-purpose machines will reduce energy consumption and cable clutter at the same time.

This does not just cause companies to leave a lower carbon footprint but it also promotes savings. Businesses can also save more with budget business spaces available in some of the cheapest self-storages in Singapore, to find optimal working environments without breaking the bank.

Promotes healthy lifestyles

Budget Business Space, Working Space For Lease

Traditional working spaces got people to sit at the office desk for eight hours straight with little movement. This led to an increase in orthopaedic health issues such as chronic back pain. A recent study at the Singapore General Hospital revealed that nearly three out of every four office workers complained of back pain.

Health issues affect the staff and in-turn will impact the business. However, with flexible workspaces, it has been found to encourage movement in and around the office as people interact and move around to collaborate. When you have a working space for lease from self storages in Singapore, introducing features like unassigned seating arrangement in an open-plan space and multi-use furniture will promote mobility of employees, thus improving the well-being of your team members.

Flexible work arrangements

Budget Business Space, Working Space For Lease

Flexible workspaces make it possible for team members to perform tasks where they want, when they want, at a preferred time that is convenient for them. This has been shown through studies, as an effective way to boost engagement, productivity, and creativity at the workplace. Employees also deliver better quality work when allowed to work under such conditions.

Better interaction and communication

Budget Business Space, Working Space For Lease

Whether it is between peers or from seniors to juniors and vice-versa, there is better interaction and communication in flexible offices than the traditional office structures.  Flexible workspaces boost collaboration, you don’t have to wait for the occasional break in order to meet with a colleague, and they enhance openness for better communication. It also breaks down hierarchal walls and creates a more approachable atmosphere that enhances problem-solving and boosts business processes.

Reduces clutter

Budget Business Space, Working Space For Lease

Unlike the traditional office settings which often are full of clutter, flexible workspaces can reduce the tendency for clutter to form. Even though you might have a small cupboard for storage, it will discourage behaviours in piling paper or files in your office cubicle since “your space” can easily be picked up by a fellow worker or be transformed into a different workspace.

If you need the extra space for storage of documents, records or office furniture that are no longer used, you can always consider renting storage units from the cheapest self-storage space in the meantime.

In conclusion, flexible working spaces are excellent avenues for businesses to achieve overall corporate objectives, raise staff efficiency and improve the bottom line for the business.

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