5 Situations for Which Self Storage Is the Perfect Solution

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In a country like Singapore where residential housing is small and expensive, the rise in demand of self storage spaces is understandable. Many people living in Singapore consider these self storage units as an extension to their existing working and living spaces. The fact that self storage units offer a large number of uses is also a reason for the popularity and success of the storage industry in Singapore. Let us explore some situations for which self-storage is the perfect solution:

Shrinking Living Space

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As per the latest statistics, the average unit size of the newly constructed private residential units in Singapore ranges between 90-120 m2. Under such situation, you can easily understand why more and more homeowners and apartment renters are looking for alternative solutions for extended storage space so that they do not have to compromise on their actual living space. Shrinking living space is, therefore, the main reason which pushes many homeowners and apartment renters in Singapore to rent self storage units in Singapore. At Work+Store, storage spaces come in a range of sizes from 6 sqft to 445 sqft and are secured with a 24 hours access card security system. Depending on the number of goods to be stored, a homeowner can easily find a storage space suited to their needs.

Spring Cleaning


With Chinese New Year around the corner, it is time for your family to do some spring cleaning for your home. To facilitate easier cleaning for you and your family, you can place the unused belongings and furniture in a storage unit. If you are considering to switch up your furniture for the festive celebration, you can simply choose to store your old furniture in your storage unit as well! As part of our Chinese New Year promotions, you can now lease a storage unit at a 38% discount with a minimum lease of just one month! With our valet storage service at Work +Store, homeowners can also opt for temporary storage coupled with transportation to collect and return your items without having you leave your home. For this season, enjoy this service at prices from as low as $6 per month. Simply drop us a call at 8722 8000 for our “You Pack, We Pick Up” service to facilitate a hassle-free spring cleaning process for you! Furthermore, this is a great chance to sieve out the things in your home that you no longer use but still wish to keep and store them in your storage unit.


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The second most common situation in which people rent self storage units is when they are moving to a new place. There are many scenarios that can make your moving process complicated and inconvenient. Say, for example, you are given a notice to vacate your old home by the end of the month, but you cannot move into your newly purchased house as repair work is far from being completed. Under such situation, you need to look for a reliable and secure place where you can store all your belongings until the time your new home is ready and you can easily move in. Renting the cheapest self storage units in Singapore is a cost-effective solution for homeowners confronted with such a situation. At our Ang Mo Kio Work+Store Self Storage, enjoy a 50% discount for the first three months of your lease when you sign up with us now!

Remodelling or Renovating

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Renovating or remodelling your entire home, an individual room, kitchen or any other part of your house can go a long way towards improving its value and your quality of life in the long run. In the short run, however, it may prove to be a major source of inconvenience and pain for you and your family. If you are considering to renovate your home, renting a self storage unit can help you get through this transition phase of your life. Once you are done with your renovation work, you can bring all your belongings back to home from your Work+Store self storage units. You can also consider engaging our Work+Store valet storage service to have your items collected and returned to you right at your doorstep!


Another situation in which renting a self storage unit is considered a perfect solution is when you have to move from a bigger home to a smaller home. If you are moving into a smaller place for good and you plan on staying there for years to come, the best way is to store your treasured but unused belongings in external storage units to allow the more efficient use of the available space in your house.

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