5 Steps To Successfully Plan Your Solemnization Event

Congratulations! You are on your way to the next milestone in your relationship with your significant other. It’s likely to be the biggest event you’ll ever plan and getting every detail perfect could be daunting.

You can use a wedding checklist to help you ensure that every detail is taken care of. From booking the caterer to securing the event space rental, there are several key essentials you will need to finalise the event as listed below.

Set a budget

Event Space Rental, Budget Solemnization Venue

The most important step to successfully plan your solemnization event is coming to an agreement on the budget. You’ll need to decide beforehand how much you can spend on making the event a success. This is a crucial step as it will also influence the venue you choose, the décor, the food and every other aspect about the event. So, take some time with your partner to discuss the financing, how much you can raise and reach out to potential contributors and advisors to help with the budgeting.

For example, if you are facing financial constraints on event space rental, you can browse at the cheapest self storages in Singapore to find a budget solemnization venue. Such venues provide a unique setting to host your solemnisation and flexibility to plan your event.

Narrow down on the dates

Event Space Rental, Budget Solemnization Venue

Besides figuring out much you want to spend, you also need to give yourself a clear indication of when the event will happen. Set a date and communicate it to your vendors and guests. In addition, when you set the date early, you can book your event space rental without missing out on your ideal venue.

Plan your guest list

Event Space Rental, Budget Solemnization Venue

It may not be a final guest list but you certainly need to come up with a tentative guest list in order to have an estimate of how many people you will host. Are you planning to invite 50? 100? 300?

This will not only help you plan for the catering, but you’ll have a better understanding of the type of event hall rental or venue to look for. There are self storages in Singapore for example that offer spaces for rent with unlimited pax capacity, which can come in handy when planning the guest list. Some venues may impose capacity restrictions, which will affect your decision in who to invite.

Find a venue

Event Space Rental, Budget Solemnization Venue

Where the much-anticipated moment to say ‘I do’ all happens – finding the perfect solemnization venue to exchange your vows is more of a priority now to bring your vision to life. Start the search early so that you have a variety of options available to you and narrow it down to your ideal choice.

Whether you’re looking for small wedding venues or an event space rental to hold your solemnization, self-storages in Singapore offer a unique option to host in that will lend a modern, industrial vibe to your theme.

Search and book your vendors

Event Space Rental, Budget Solemnization Venue

Get referrals for vendors from your family and friends, also look through the internet and don’t forget to check the reviews. Reach out to at least three vendors for each service and consider their suitability. Make sure you spend money on the right people who will ensure that your solemnization event runs smoothly. Another benefit to renting the cheapest self-storages in Singapore is the flexibility for you to hire your own catering and other miscellaneous services or add-ons, so you will have more freedom in planning your solemnization right down to every detail.

To conclude, these steps are not conclusive of what you need to do when planning your solemnization event, but they are the most crucial. If you are in search of event space rental for your next occasion, Work+Store offers spaces for rent that start from 50 sqft to 18,000 sqft with rates at $50 – $3,697/day to fit any budget requirement. They are suitable to host various types of occasions from corporate parties to small baby shower venues. Basic fit-outs are included in the package such as conditioning, lighting, and parking facilities so your guests will have a comfortable time in your event. Under our parent company, LHN Group, we also offer event space rental in more than 38 properties across Singapore as well as industrial space, warehouse and ancillary office rental.

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