5 Tips To Handle Event Logistics And Avoid Chaos Onsite

Small Baby Shower Venues, Malay Wedding Venue

Planning an event can be daunting, but ensuring that the execution is perfect can be harder. In order for the event to be success, you need to be highly prepared and plan the event logistics well.

A minor error or oversight in the logistics can drown an entire event in the sea of chaos. It might leave a bad impression at the end of the night and all your efforts would have been for naught. Regardless of the event you’re hosting, handle its logistics with the utmost care and get it right. You need to be sure of the venue’s dynamics, use technology, get the right kind of help and make contingency plans.

Read on for these five tips that will help you handle event logistics and avoid chaos onsite.

Find the venue and understand its dynamics

Small Baby Shower Venues, Malay Wedding Venue

When looking for event space rental and venues, you should have a good idea of the kind of event you are hosting and use the venue to meet your event objectives.

Aside from traditional venues and event hall rentals, more and more people are trying out non-traditional venues such as self storages in Singapore which provide a unique setting and location. Non-traditional venues inspire creativity when it comes to planning. You will have to work with the existing facilities and elements in the space to produce the look of the event you had envisioned in mind.

Think about guests’ necessities and convenience for the facilities that are available in the space. If you are in search of a small baby shower venue, it would advantageous for you find places with parking spaces and washrooms so moms can do a change of diapers or drive to the venue with their prams conveniently.

Map out the layout of the event

Small Baby Shower Venues, Malay Wedding Venue

Map out the site and know your key requirements of the event. Be clear on where the ‘main attraction’ shall be placed. If you have catering, figure out the entry process and where they are situated in the event space. For entertainment, prioritize your audience needs and ensure they can hear and see the main activity of the event, or participate and engage in it without being left out.

Another benefit to renting at one of the cheapest self storages in Singapore is the flexibility afforded to you to hire your own vendors and have more say in how you wish the event to turn out. There are plenty of event spaces with varying sizes so you can choose the right one for your event requirement and plan out its layout.

Plan out the human traffic

Small Baby Shower Venues, Malay Wedding Venue

If you are renting a wedding venue or corporate parties where it is a much bigger-scale event, long lines and a bottleneck at the reception can be a dread at the start of one’s event experience. Get people talking about how great your event is and not how long they had to wait to enter. Plan your crowd control flow based on your event’s unique needs and plan your resources well, from technology to staffing. Everyone should stream past check-in and flow easily through the exit.

For example, it is always a good idea to visit your event space rental like a self-storage in Singapore and see firsthand on the size of the space and plan your crowd control strategy.

Use technology whenever you can

Small Baby Shower Venues, Malay Wedding Venue

Technology always comes in handy to save yourself time and frustrations onsite. Smartphone apps that can streamline event logistics can help you go paperless and automate repetitive tasks, cutting down on outdated and inefficient processes. You can benefit from also having automated reminders and a one-stop communication platform for the whole team to stay updated with.

Have contingency plans in place

Small Baby Shower Venues, Malay Wedding Venue

The difference between good event planners and great ones is that the latter always seems to be able to see ahead and plan for the unexpected. Learn from your peers and use past experiences to anticipate mishaps and typical problems and set in place adequate contingency plans. This will set you apart as an excellent event planner and enable you to handle multiple mishaps that could occur with the logistics, avoiding chaos even when it seems impossible.

These tips can come in handy in ensuring your event runs smoothly. Have an upcoming event to plan for? Work+Store offers event space rentals in different sizes from 50 sqft to 18,000 sq ft to host various types of occasions from birthday parties to Malay wedding venue. As one of the cheapest self-storages in Singapore, we offer our daily rates at $50 – $3,697/day to fit any budget requirement so you can spend more on other necessities for your event. Our package rental includes basic fit-outs like lighting, air conditioning, water supply and parking facilities so you can run your event smoothly. Under our parent company, LHN Group, we also offer event space rental in more than 38 properties across Singapore as well as industrial space, warehouse and ancillary office rental.

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