5 Tips to Liven Your Working Space and Increase Productivity

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Gone are the days when crammed up office cubicles adorned with sounds of printers and phones going off the hook would define a ‘productive work environment.’ The 21st century has brought along amazing innovations in connectivity and redefined the ideal work environment.

Today, business spaces for lease in Singapore comprise of any environment where you can have an internet connection and a phone. This includes self storages in Singapore that offer work spaces for rent aside from storage units.

But how exactly can you make your working space livelier and increase productivity? Read on and find out.

Let Light and Air In

It is commonly said that one of the essentials in having a productive workspace is light. Lighting does not only affect our ability to see, but artificial lighting also contributes to effects such as eye strain, eye fatigue and headaches if it is too harsh.

Being in a windowless room all day, under fluorescent lights and the lack of sunlight can also make you feel sluggish and unproductive. Therefore, it is recommended to have a work space that has an abundance of natural light pouring through the windows. It can improve the mood and make you feel more energized to tackle a day’s worth of work.

Add Some Nature

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Having nature in the workspace does more than just add to the décor. Introducing some greenery can have an impact on your well-being and productivity at work. When you rent a business space from a self-storage in Singapore, bring some flora into the workspace to boost employee engagement and improve concentration levels.

Create Room for Breaks

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Many workspaces for rental in Singapore are known for attracting high rent. Many entrepreneurs opt for smaller workspaces and more affordable business spaces from the cheapest self storages in Singapore, just enough to carry out essential operations. It is essential to keep in mind of creating additional space where you or your team members can take breaks, no matter how small your workspace is.

Add a comfy couch or sofa in your working space. It may be two feet away from the work desk, but a change in environment allows your mind to de-stress and be inspired again, boosting productivity.

Go for Ergonomics

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Trendy furniture can be eye-catching and desirable for your workspace rental. But more than that, go for ergonomic designs. Workplace injuries often come in the form of strains and sprains, more than falls or lifting heaving equipment. Due to repetitive strain injuries, this can result in significant lost productivity.

Working in an ergonomic environment helps to maximize safety and reduce the risk of injury. Physical pain and aches will not only cause one to feel tired, but also negatively impact mental energy where it can be hard to feel inspired or solve problems, making you be less productive.

Eliminate Clutter

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Although some psychologists say that a little clutter can enhance productivity, major clutter works the opposite. It takes up space in your mind, making you less focused and also cause distractions in your surroundings when everything is disarray and disorganized.

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