5 Ways To Start Planning And Throw A Great Baby Shower

Small Baby Shower Venues, Affordable Birthday Party Venues

Celebrating the arrival of a newborn baby is always joyful with having your loved ones around. When planning a baby shower to welcome your little bundle of joy, it is worth the effort to create a memorable and special event but it can also be nerve-wrecking. From the choice of venue to décor, you’d always want to make sure that you are throwing a lively and great baby shower.

We have come up with several ideas on how you can throw a great and memorable baby shower for everyone to have a good time.

The venue to host it

Small Baby Shower Venues, Affordable Birthday Party Venues

The right venue will enhance your baby shower celebration. Hosting it at home can be a hassle, from space limitations to cleaning up post-party. Renting a small baby shower venue can still provide an intimate experience for you and your guests. Self-storages in Singapore now offer various sizes of event space rental for you to choose from according to your event requirements and provide a unique setting to wow your guests.

Spread the word

Small Baby Shower Venues, Affordable Birthday Party Venues

Set the date of the event. It is typically held during the last 2 months of pregnancy. Some expectant mothers/parents would like to furnish the nursery before the newborn arrives or some prefer to hold out until the baby can be the guest-of-honour. Once the date is finalized, you can choose online or written invitations to send to the guest list comprising of family members and friends at least 3 weeks in advance with RSVP instructions. This should give them enough notice to plan the shower into their calendar and shop for the perfect present.

Choose a theme to tie everything together

Small Baby Shower Venues, Affordable Birthday Party Venues

Themes and decorations can bring a greater sense of festivity and add lively vibes to the event. Thoughtful and creative touches to various theme elements can make the party great, and it often lends a fun, visually-striking effect to leave an impression on the guests.

Combine colourful balloons into flower shapes for a bright and cheerful celebration, or choose a specific colour or motif (such as bunnies) to appear repeatedly in the decorations. You can also set up a decorated area for guests to take their photos with the expectant mom and/or newborn baby.

If you fret about whether you are able to decorate the space, there are self storages in Singapore that offer event spaces which make the perfect small baby shower venue, with much-needed flexibility to decorate your own way for a great celebration.

Decide on the menu

Small Baby Shower Venues, Affordable Birthday Party Venues

Preparing homemade food before the event can be tiring and leaves you exhausted to enjoy the baby shower. You can always engage in a catering vendor with your choice of main dishes, finger foods and desserts. Foods that can be eaten out of hand at room temperature is always the best and most convenient for guests to move around freely and mingle, such as cheese tarts, nuggets, cookies, cake pops, and fruits. It’d be best if the decoration of the buffet table is also aligned with your main theme, as well as the cake.

Fun and games

Small Baby Shower Venues, Affordable Birthday Party Venues

Aside from gift opening, another highlight of the event is the games and activities. It can tie into the theme, serve as a way to let guests learn more about the mom-to-be, or simply provide entertainment. Create your own games or research online to include activities that will surely make for a fun-filled baby shower.

One of the key factors for planning a baby shower is the budget, and you can find some of the cheapest self-storages in Singapore that offer affordable event spaces for rent so you can have more budget to plan the rest of your event.

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