5 Weekend Projects for a Quick Home Makeover

Image Credit: DIY Mag

Want to give your home a facelift? Bust out the tools and dust off the tired furniture: here’s how to get your home spruced up in just one easy weekend!

Hot tip: if you have bulky pieces waiting for their time of day at home, keep your home clutter-free by storing furniture you don’t need elsewhere.

Turn an old cabinet into a kitchen island

Instead of throwing out that old cabinet sitting in your living room for years, transform it into a mini kitchen island with a bit of woodwork and repainting. Simply remove the cabinet drawers and install wheels (easily available at hardware stores) now you have a mobile kitchen island!

Beautify your plant pots

Painted plant pots are a fun and affordable alternative if youre thinking of adding a pop of colour at home but don’t want to commit to overhauling an investment piece.

Reupholster your dining chairs

Give your dining chairs a new lease on life by reupholstering them. This is a great way to redecorate the dining room without running out to purchase an entirely new dining set. 2017 decorating trends include upholstery in botanical green and flamingo pink, but if you’re after longevity, select neutral tones such as grey and white, and classic patterns like stripes.

Make your own toilet cleaning bombs

Cleaning your toilet may sound like a tiresome chore, but nix the boredom with these DIY bathroom fizzies, which effervesce when in contact with water. Theyre simple to make and get the dirty job done in a pinch.

Freshen the air with DIY pressed flower candles

These candles are affordable and dont take more than a few hours to make perfect for a weekend afternoon activity. The sweet scent of wild flowers and herbs will create the atmosphere of a chilly autumn night at home, giving you the perfect break from the tropical humidity outside.


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