6 Things You Should Store Elsewhere Apart from Home

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Clearing up space in your home can benefit your wellbeing more than you think. A congested living environment will not only bring discomfort to your daily activities, it may also frustrate your mind as well. There are many things in your home that you do not actually need and can be removed or stored elsewhere to make space in your living environment. What are some of them?


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Everyone owns several clothing pieces that they do not wear for months or even years. Some clothes are worn only during specific seasons like winter and often lie around in the house for a long time before you wear them again. If you combine your whole family’s winter clothing together, it can actually build up to a sizeable amount. How about the old school uniforms or performance outfits you may have? These clothing pieces are often kept for memories but never worn again. In this case, storing these clothing in an external storage will prove to be a better idea than having them taking up space and collecting dust at home.

Sports Equipment

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Helmets, balls, batons, ski gear, or bicycles should be stored in a storage unit instead of in the house, especially if you only use them once in a long time. There is a very high chance that you are not going to use these items at your home compound. Therefore, storing them in an external space till you need them is a great way to save space for you.


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You may consider keeping these collectables in external storage spaces where you can visit them whenever you want to without cluttering up your house. At Work + Store, you can rent a self storage space that is accessible 24/7 and use it as a collection display as well as a buddies hangout, where a flat rate is charged for the space, air condition, light utilities and other facilities. It is a great way to keep your collectables safe and home organized.


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For old toys like giant soft toys that hold a lot of memories for you or your kids, you can consider storing them in a self storage unit so that you get to keep these sentimental objects while ensuring your house is free from any unnecessary clutter. Furthermore, these soft toys take up a lot of space and collect dust easily, storing them away from home will allow you to keep your home more dust-free.

Media Storage Equipment

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Gone are the days when people relied on gramophones, cassette tapes or even CD players to watch a movie or listen to good music. People can now easily store media files on their computers or online, removing the needs for such physical equipment. However, these music tapes and equipment may still hold a lot of importance to your memories. If you are keen on keeping these media items, explore the idea of storing them in a self storage system which allows you to reminisce about your music while keeping your home clutter free.

Lawn and Gardening Equipment

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While some equipment used on lawns and gardens are small and easy to store, others like your large flower pots, props to decorate your garden or even outdoor benches may require a bigger space like a self storage unit to keep. These pieces of equipment would not fit in your home in the long term and are better off stored in an external area till you host a party, do some gardening or whenever you need them.

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