A Brief Guide To Organised Storage In Your Storage Unit

Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Best Storage Space Singapore

One of the most common issues for new startups and business owners is the lack of space needed to store important items like inventory, supplies, and spare equipment. Hence, this is the reason why some businesses are starting to look towards self-storages as an alternative option to regular workspaces.

However, before you move into a storage unit – it would be good to have an idea of how to bring everything into the workplace and organise them appropriately. So, here are a few tips to ensuring proper storage once you’ve secured a new storage space.

Select your storage unit carefully

Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Best Storage Space Singapore

Before you bring your inventory and work materials in, and start organising – you have to pick the best storage space first. This means assessing the amount of space you need, the location, security, and so on. Determine your priorities in a workspace so you can look through several options and select the one which meets your business needs best.

Here at Work+Store, we can assist you with your search for a new self storage unit for your business. We have a number of locations in Singapore that business owners can look forward to. Plus, for every one of our workspace or storage space – we offer Zero Deposit Guarantee to ease the financial burden on your end by ensuring you have extra cash on hand. Meanwhile, our workspaces are available in several prime locations, and they include: Tampines, Bukit Merah, 72 Eunos, 100 Eunos, Pasir Panjang, Tampines, Bartley, Aljunied, Upper Thomson, and Ang Mo Kio. Moreover, for our Ang Mo Kio location – we’re currently offering a discount of up to 30% off for our spaces and there are various facilities available such as our 4 passenger lifts, 3 cargo lifts, and in-house canteen. Or if you’re interested in a more centralised location, our upcoming Toa Payoh location is nearby to several train stations like Braddell, Caldecott, and Toa Payoh MRT. Right now, we’re offering our early bird promotion to the first 20 sign ups! Tenants will get to enjoy 2 months rent-free and 20% off their choice of space. Get in touch with us for more details. Terms and conditions apply.

Prepare the appropriate packaging materials

Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Best Storage Space Singapore

Whether you’re planning to move into your new self-storage or pack your inventory to be sent out – you need the right materials to ensure their protection. Consider the different materials available – such as bubble wraps. Often, these are used for keeping fragile items from harm during the delivery process. Once you know the specific materials you need, you can ensure the quality and safety of your inventory or new work supplies.

Besides preparing the necessary materials, it’s also important to prepare for future business growth. Work+Store helps in this regard by ensuring your business starts smoothly from the very beginning – through offering basic facilities like a powerpoint, lighting, and air conditioning for selected workspaces. We even provide the cheapest self-storages and workspaces with 24/7 accessibility and camera surveillance. Then, when your business is ready to take it a step further, we are able to offer flexible rental terms which cover perks like short rental period and the choice of converting existing space to a different product or service within our property or even our parent organisation, LHN Group, encompassing a variety of services including serviced apartments, event venues, and so forth.

Always pack categorically and label your boxes

Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Best Storage Space Singapore

Before you begin packing, you should sort your items according to their attributes – such as fragility, function, and size. This will give you an idea on which type of packaging materials to be used for specific items. For instance, if you’re moving from your old workplace into the new one – you’ll need to prepare packing paper for electronic equipment, bubble wrap for fragile items like glass panels, and so on. Afterwards, label them accurately. This ensures that during the transportation process, moving boxes will be handled according to their fragility.

When it comes to packing duties or any other operations, Work+Store is able to help support your needs as our workspaces can function as ancillary works – allowing business owners and employees to handle multiple activities in one space. We offer the cheapest self storages and workspaces with an extensive range of sizes – storage spaces vary from 6 sqft up till 730 sqft, and workspaces begin from 88 sqft. When workspace and storage space come together as one, it’s able to help significantly in matters like logistics processes and goods acquisition for better customer satisfaction levels.

These are the main points to help you organise work materials and inventory in a storage unit in a space-efficient manner. Hence, for a start – you can follow these tips to keep your space neat and ensure a seamless work process.

With a better understanding of how proper storage is done, you can ensure a more conducive work environment and increased performance among employees. Thereafter, you can focus on other areas of your business such as the design of your workspace, company branding, recruitment of employees, and so on. With the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, it has also become of importance for a business to implement the proper, safety precautionary measures. This may mean implementing social distancing measures, adding the SafeEntry digital check-in, or providing sanitisers in the workplace. Taking steps like these will go a long way in ensuring the safety and health of employees.

If you wish to find out more about Work+Store and our other storage options, feel free to contact us at +65 6578 9966 or WhatsApp us at (65) 8345 9966. Alternatively, you can email us at space@workstore.com.sg for more information!