How to Achieve a Neat Working Environment in Your Office


Organizing your office does not only mean rearranging and relocating files occasionally. It entails ensuring the office environment is neat, clean and orderly at all times, creating a conducive environment that enhances productivity.
You do not have to spend all your time on organising your office; you can simply do it bit by bit. In fact, you can ensure your workplace is always well organised if you consider it as an ongoing project or process instead of setting up hours to clean your piled up mess all at once. If you want to have an entirely organised office, follow these tips we have for you. They will help you transform your workplace into an efficient working environment and help you achieve a neat working environment that you will enjoy working in.

Purge your Office

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The first step to achieving a clean office is to get rid of unnecessary stuff that is taking up most of your workplace; go through your things while removing the duplicates. Clean out your drawers, filing cabinets and throw out anything that you have not used for ages. For instance, if there are chairs, equipment supplies among other things that you have not used for a long time, it either means you don’t need them anymore or you seldom have a need for them. If you are uncertain if you still need these items, a great solution is to store them in a self storage space to free up space in your office from unnecessary items.

Work+Store has multiple storage spaces all over Singapore, you can simply pick the one that is closest to you for convenience sake. If you only require the storage of a few boxes of documents and files, our Valet Storage Service is also a cost-efficient way to allocate your clutter away from your office in a safe and secure environment. The best part of this service is that you can get your goods collected from and delivered to you whenever you need it. Should you require any stored items urgently for your work, you can simply give Work+Store a call to have your goods delivered to you. When the bulky or massive clutters are removed, organising your workplace will become much more manageable.

Organize your Desktop

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Your desktop is the place you spend the most time at so it should be the most important area you need to focus to get it organised. Yet, it is also the hardest. You will be surprised by how the random pieces of paper, pens or even food can affect your working condition. You should make sure you organise your desktop correctly using desktop organisers or containers. Leave only the supplies or gadgets that you are using on a daily basis on your desktop and within easy reach. Items that you use periodically can be kept hidden in your cabinet.

Develop and Revise your Filing System

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For filing, there is no right or wrong system as long it meets your needs and you can easily maintain it. Depending on your taste, you can file the documents alphabetically, according to the client’s name, by date or any other method that suits you. It is essential to sort both electronic files and hard copy documents regularly to prevent clutter from piling. You can file your papers at least once a week. Keep the most recent reports and materials in front of the file for easier access. Confirm with the company policies to ensure you are not throwing out vital documents or records. Revise your filling system such that you adopt the digital techniques that will help you store, sort your files, and prevent duplicates.

Get a Good Labeller

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To achieve a neat working environment, label the items within your office. Choose a label that is easy and simple to use. Dedicate your time and mark the bins in your workroom, shelves, baskets, and drawer among other items in your office. Labelling will not only remind you the location of objects and where things go, but it will also help other individuals who may need to find or use something or put away something in your office.

To achieve a neat working environment, organising your drawers and clearing piles regularly should be part of your routine. Make the smart choice of storing your excess or unused office equipment in a self-storage space to make a better use of your precious office space. Maintaining a neat working environment will pay off in a big way, depending on the efforts you put on it. If your workplace is untidy, it could lead to low productivity and reduced job performance.

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