Amazing Birthday Party Ideas for Those on a Budget

Cheap Venues for Birthday Parties

Throwing a birthday party does not necessarily mean you will have to spend a lot of money to make the occasion special and memorable. There are thrifty ideas and solutions to planning a birthday party where you can still enjoy savings and fun. For example, you can find cheap venues for birthday parties in the cheapest self storages in Singapore, for a more unique setting where you can still decorate to your heart’s desires.

Advance party planning can also help to curb additional financial burdens. Here are some ideas on how you can throw an amazing birthday party without breaking the bank.

Rent a Budget-friendly Location

Cheap Venues for Birthday Parties Singapore

Birthday party venues can be costly especially if it is a package deal which includes add-ons like set-up and catering. There are plenty of affordable birthday party venues in self storages in Singapore where you can select your own caterer (or bring your own food), enjoy unlimited pax capacity and the flexibility to decorate or host activities to your liking.


Cheapest Self Storage

You do not have to serve pricey cuts of meat or full entrees to the party menu and pay an exorbitant amount. Try offering a variety of appetizer-sized munchies, from meat skewers to dips and snacks that can fill up your guests without sacrificing taste and breaking the bank.

It can also be a potluck! Guests can be invited to bring along sides and desserts while you provide the main dish yourself.

Be Creative on Entertainment

Instead of hiring vendors for entertainment, or buying an event space rental package that comes with entertainment, host some activities on your own and save money while you’re at it! You can look up online on fun party game ideas and activities to ensure your guests will have a good time.

Do Your Own Décor

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A great décor can help to make the party extra special and memorable. Instead of spending money on fancy décor, the things you have in your house could be perfect for your birthday party, and it won’t cost you anything. Do DIY projects for certain décor such as bunting banners and place cards, and enlist the help of your friends to put up the décor. Use groupings of everyday objects, such as candles, to create centerpieces instead of pricey fresh-cut flowers. Event space rental from self-storages in Singapore typically provide you with the flexibility to put up your own décor and furniture arrangement, so you won’t face any restrictions in your planning.

It is fine to spend most of your party budget towards things that are a priority to your event, so consider which ones you will need to cut back the spending for. Skip the pricey extras and get creative with your décor and food because it can still achieve the same effect – good times with your friends and family.

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