Be Your Own Boss

Image Credit: University of Tartu

Reasons why you should start your own business 

If you’re miserable working 9 to 5 in your office cubicle and adhering to commands from your boss, maybe its time to snap out of that unhappy work environment maybe its time to become your own boss. Being self-employed may sound like too much to handle, but the truth is, it could be the best job you’ve ever had the number of pros far outweigh the cons!

Forget about explaining why youre late for work, why you need a long weekend off to attend a friends wedding, or why you’re back from lunch 10 minutes late without a boss, you only answer to yourself. With this newfound freedom also comes creative control. Being your own boss means having full control of how you want to express your creativity and expertise. You have the power to turn away clients you don’t want to work with and jobs you don’t want to do.

The sky’s the limit when you work for yourself — you set your own sales targets work towards the earning capacity you want to have. Unlike traditional set-ups, you own every cent you earn. You do have to think about individual insurance coverage and, depending on how you set up your business, CPF and Medisave contributions, but the major upside is that nobody else can decide what your time is worth.

Without a boss, you learn to handle all matters on your own, from administrative issues to sales and project management. The learning curve can be steep, but the payoff is proportionally rewarding: you’ll discover your working style, strengths, challenges, and motivations. You’ll pick up self-discipline and learn from every decision you undertake. You also take charge of your own career development, whether it’s about becoming a specialist in your field or broadening your skill set.

Sitting in the office for hours is not only unhealthy, it’s tiring and uninspiring. As a boss, you can decide on your working arrangement and hours. If you’re someone who enjoys working outside or even on the road, you’re free to work however you want. You don’t even have to stick to a 9 to 5 schedule. Night owls get to adjust their work schedule around their most productive hours and seasoned travellers get to plan their work in time for another trip abroad.


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