Best Ways to Store or Display Your Awesome Book Collection

If you are a book lover, then you probably have shelves of them in your house. Books are bulky and whether few or many, they will occupy a lot of space. For this reason, extra storage is necessary. Books require careful keeping to ensure its durability. Proper storage implies keeping them safe and free of moisture, which may cause wear and tear and even result in the growth of molds on them. As a book lover, you should invest in the following methods for the proper storage and display of your books to keep them in good shape.


Self Storage

Bookshelves are the most traditional and conventional storage method for books. They are common in libraries and offer an easy and moisture free way of storing them. With these shelves, accessing specific reading materials is also faster. A quick scan through the shelves is all you need. Instead of chucking them in a box or all over your table, keeping your books on bookshelves can help you organise them and keep them in good shape as well.

Being creative with your bookshelf will add aesthetic value to your home and still serve the purpose. Creativity implies shifting away from the old stacks that make your home look like a library and embracing some fun, cheap and easy ideas. For instance, you can strategically put wall shelves in your living room or invest in a unique looking bookshelf like a hive-shaped shelf that serves as a decoration as well.


Singapore Cheapest Self Storage

While many people may only see their staircases as a link to the upper rooms, they may well serve as a strategic book storage and display space. If you have an open staircase such as on your double-decker bed, consider filling those spaces with books. Alternatively, you can spruce up your home stairs by placing some shelves below the stairs and displaying your reading materials.

Self-storage Space

Singapore Self Storage

If your books are still littered all over or if your house simply does not have enough space to store your books, it is time to de-clutter your home with self-storage spaces. Whether you choose to store your other belongings away to make space for your bookshelves or to store your books in a secured space, an external self-storage facility like Work+Store is a great alternative for you. At Work+Store, you can access your books or belongings anytime using the 24 hours access card system and can rest assure that your books will be kept safely with 24hour CCTV surveillance. Self-storage units at Work+Store ranges from 6 sqft to 445 sq ft. Your choice of the storage units will depend on the number of books or belongings you have. Simply get advice from our team at Work+Store to help you choose the cheapest self-storage option for your needs. If you only have one or two boxes of books that require storing, you can opt for our Work+Store Valet Storage Service as well where your storage items will be picked up from your house and stored in a temporary space, all without having you leave your home.

Alternatively, you can also consider using a Work+Store space unit as a collection display for your books as well as a relaxing space for you to unwind where a

If you have a bunch of old books that you no longer read or storybooks that your children have outgrown, why not consider donating them to the library or local communities who need them more? This will help you create space for more book while helping others at the same time.

Book lovers place a lot of importance in the care of their books, and this includes storing them properly to maintain their quality. Explore the methods above to help you show off your collection of books while keeping them safe and sound!

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