Choosing the Right Workspace at Work+Store Space

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Finding the right fit for your business in Singapore

Got your brand, website, and team members all down? Great. Now, onto the next part of building your business: choosing a workspace.

The easiest way to figure out how to choose a workspace is to examine the nature of your business and the working style of your team members. Today, we speak to Angeline Tan, Senior Manager, Business Development, at Work+Store Space, who shares with us some of her experience in working with Work+Store tenants, and what Work+Store units offer.

Could you tell us about the different Work+Store units available?

The majority of Work+Store units are furnished and fitted with lights, air-conditioning and power points. We cut down any additional costs and provide basic amenities as our units are mostly rented out to e-commerce businesses and small startups, which may lack the capital to afford extra costs such as the installation of air-conditioning units. Unit sizes range from 100 square-feet to 800 square-feet. Most tenants rent 100 square-feet and 200 square-feet units.

What are the common types of businesses that rent Work+Store units?

E-commerce businesses and event companies are our most common tenants. For example, one of our tenants at our Ang Mo Kio outlet operates an online business for licensed Hello Kitty merchandise.

What are the basic facilities Work+Store provides its tenants?

Some of the utilities we provide include common washrooms, trolleys, and surveillance cameras for security. Parking space is also offered.

What are the basic amenities each tenant should provide themselves in their Work+Store unit?

Phone services, Internet connection, and basic furniture.

Is there a minimum rental period for Work+Store units?

There is no minimum rental period for Work+Store units. Tenants are allowed to rent our units for however long they wish, be it for a month or a year.

We’ve heard that there are mezzanine units available at Work+Store. Could you tell us more about that?

The two-storey mezzanine units at our 18 Tampines Industrial Crescent outlet – this is something we were experimenting with since the ceiling height at that outlet was tall enough. We were also considering the possibility of tenants seeking to rent two-storey units then. Those units are ideal for tenants who are looking for a joint space for both work and storage as the two levels efficiently separate the unit into two spaces — one for working and one for storage.

What are some of the common questions people ask when touring the Work+Store place, and what are your answers to them?

They usually ask questions regarding facilities around the unit location — food, transport, and shopping places in the area. We understand that most people want to know more about the neighbourhoods around the Work+Store outlets, such as 18 New Industrial Road or 38 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park, so we have written location guides to help our current and future tenants understand the neighbourhoods better. The guides can be found on our blog.

Some clients have also asked if we provide WiFi services and parking space. Unfortunately, we don’t provide WiFi services as providing a shared Internet router will mean some tenants receiving stronger Internet connectivity than others, which is ultimately unfair. On the other hand, as mentioned earlier — parking spaces are provided by us, though tenants will have to settle carpark fees separately.

Based on your experience, what are the things business owners should think about before leasing a workspace?

Calculate all costs and check if there are hidden costs involved. Many storage unit services in Singapore seem to be offered at cheap prices, but those numbers exclude a lot of other additional fees which tenants have to pay, such as administration fees or deposits. Many tenants, especially new startup owners, dont realise these things.

Based on your experience, what advice would you give small business owners who are looking to lease a workspace?

Do your own market research before signing a contract or agreement with a storage company if its minimum rental period is too long for your business plan. The economy and market isn’t the best lately and accepting such a contract will only tie your business down.

We’ve seen many businesses confidently renting spaces for a long period of time, only to realise they can’t sustain their business due to a shift in market direction. This is especially common among young businesses and fresh startups.

With that said, Work+Store tries to support their tenants as much as possible. We recently partnered with SingTel to ensure our tenants can afford Internet plans for their work and storage space. SingTel introduced a discounted yearly plan for Internet service and waived all additional fees, which our tenants found very useful.

How does Work+Store stand out from other workspace rental services?

Work+Store is a company that is extremely supportive of startups and makes the effort to understand their needs. We listen to what new businesses owners are saying — many of them are expressing difficulty in finding small storage units and work spaces, so Work+Store created exactly that!

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