Clear Clutter – Make Space for You!

10 Things to Get Rid Of In Your Home Right Now

Good news: If you’re looking for ways to create more space or keep new things in your home, we’ve found the cheapest and easiest method — decluttering. Now, you may be thinking your home isn’t very messy and doesn’t need any major clearing, but the truth is there are plenty of things that you’ve probably hoarded over the years, and these things take up more space than you think.

To kickstart your decluttering plans, here are 10 things in your home that you can instantly get rid of to give your abode a clean and fresh start.

Clothes and shoes you no longer wear

There’s no reason to continue keeping clothes or shoes that you can’t fit into. Take some time to clear and reorganise your wardrobe. If you’re lacking the motivation to get up and move, think of it as making room for newer buys! If seasonal wear is what’s bulking up your closet, consider boxing up bulky coats and boots until you jet off to your next winter vacation.

Are you slowly running out of storage space at home? Why not consider our Valet Storage service? Our friendly valet will pick-up the items from your doorstep and take it to our facility for safe-keeping. The best part? This personalised service ranges from $6 (per box/month) and up!

Moreover, if you’d like to drop off and pick up your items at any time, you’re welcome to do so directly at our storage facility as well.

Old books, magazines and newspapers

Like old clothes and shoes, old books, magazines, and newspapers are essentially useless and a waste of space when left at home. Unless you find yourself flipping through their yellowing pages, it’s time to recycle them or hand them to your neighbourhood karang guni.

Expired medicine

Save yourself a trip to the toilet by disposing your old medicines. Don’t forget to look out for the expiry dates on your prescriptions. If your medicine has been around for more than a year, it probably belongs in the bin — better safe than sorry!

Foods you don’t eat

Foods that you’ve bought in excess or regret buying can be used for a greater purpose – donate them to the nearest elderly home or charity organisations such as The Food Bank. But make sure you check those expiry dates first!

Power cables and wires

Everyone probably owns more cables and wires than they should. If you no longer use those extra cables, do Mother Earth a favour by dropping them off at the e-waste recycling bins at these Singtel outlets.


This is the perfect opportunity for you to teach your child a thing or two about giving — sit down with them and make them pick out toys and games they really need, then donate the remainder to The Salvation Army.

Crowning glory collections

Have an extensive book collection you’re not quite ready to give up yet? Camping gear for that one epic trip you and the pals took 10 years ago? A cupboard full of trophies from secondary school your partner keeps nagging you to get rid of? Move them out of your home and create your own “walk-in” down memory lane with a self-storage unit.

Old bills, letters, and envelopes

Still keep your mail at home? Consider switching to online alternatives such as electronic bills. Apart from being environmentally friendly, e-bills save the spaces occupied by your filing cabinet or desk tray. To save on paper clutter, scan important documents before discarding the physical copy.

Old CDs, vinyls and cassettes

If you find yourself neglecting your CD collection in favour of Spotify or iTunes, it’s time to let go of your old music collection and progress with the times. Old records may have sentimental value for many but it takes up way too much space at home – why not try storing it at one of our self-storage facilities?

Old or unused exercise gear

If you attempt to keep fit, you probably have your fair share of running shoes and gear, as well as other sporting equipment like stability balls, medicine balls, dumbbells and kettlebells – possibly even a treadmill or an elliptical machine! You probably also know you aren’t using the equipment as often as you should be.


If you’re simply unable to part with large items [think: old, worn but supremely comfortable sofas, or a trophy cabinet that’s seen better days] perhaps you’d consider renting an “active storeroom” instead? Located in strategic locations across the island, Work+Store Space offers private and secure storage units ranging from 77 – 400 square feet.

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