Clever Tricks To Make A Small Workspace Look Bigger

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The first thing any employee, client, or investor considers in a firm is the workspace. Employees like to work in a large and comfortable workspace that provides them with sufficient space to move around freely. With that being said, the first thing which comes to mind is an expansion – it’s the most thinkable solution to acquiring more space.

However, in actual fact – that is not the case at all. A simple renovation or the little adjustments here and there are enough to make your office look more spacious and productive. But the question is – how can you do that?

It’s as easy as choosing the right paint colour or shifting spare office furniture into temporary storage to remove clutter. Now, let’s show you what other interesting tricks you can use to make your workspace look bigger.

Choose the right paint

Self Storage Singapore, Singapore Storage Facilities

Paint doesn’t just give your walls a pop of colour – it can also increase the size of a workspace. Try going for white shades, and other such soft or bright colours; they’ll do the job just fine. Light colours even encourage natural lights – it’ll create a pleasant atmosphere for your employees to carry out their daily tasks.

As for flooring, dark colours are a perfect choice – they’ll make the floor like it is extending further; making your overall workspace look fuller and bigger. Design aside, your workplace should also have the basic facilities to provide your staff with a conducive environment. Work+Store has workspaces with lighting, air conditioning, and a powerpoint to help you start off your business right. Additionally, bigger companies with industrial activities can look towards our workspaces as they also function as ancillary offices to support your business operations.

Minimal decoration

Self Storage Singapore, Singapore Storage Facilities

When it comes to making your workspace look bigger – less is more. There should be minimal decoration for you to maximise your existing workspace fully. For instance, if you really must add in extra décor such as tiny plants – you can make use of small floating shelves. Try to avoid having large décor that’ll only take up unnecessary space.
The lesser the decoration, the more people will take notice of the free space around. And this will make your workspace appear much larger than it actually is.

Other than prioritising minimal decoration, you should also ensure your space can be accessed at all times so you can do your renovation whenever you wish to. At Work+Store, our workspaces – ranging from 88 sqft onwards – all come with round-the-clock accessibility and camera surveillance. In that way, you can design your space in your free time, and you’ll know that your workplace is safe and sound with provided security. Meanwhile, if you have extra furniture you would like to keep – a self-storage may be an excellent choice. We offer the cheapest self-storages starting from 6 sqft to 730 sqft – so you can easily find the perfect workspace that fits right into your budget as well.

Choose the right furniture

Selecting furniture for your workspace can be slightly hard to do – but with the right pick – you can easily make your workplace look more spacious and less cluttered. Instead of large and bulky furniture pieces – you should go for lightweight and small-sized furniture. For example, if you are going to choose a sofa for the lounge area – opt for one with exposed legs – it’s going to make your workspace look much bigger.

Just like how it is necessary to choose the right furniture – the same goes when it comes to your workspace. Other than focusing on your interiors, your workspace should be in a convenient location for your employees to come down easily. At Work+Store, our workspaces are found in 10 locations across Singapore – comprising 72 Eunos, 100 Eunos, Bartley, Bukit Merah, Upper Thomson, Ang Mo Kio, Tampines, Kallang, Pasir Panjang and Aljunied. Right now, you can consider trying out our Aljunied location for its rent-free promotion – so you are able to save more. The establishment is also a 2 minutes walk away from Aljunied MRT for maximum convenience. If you are interested in getting more details regarding our units, get in touch with us. Terms and conditions apply.

Keep your space clutter-free

Self Storage Singapore, Singapore Storage Facilities

A cluttered office doesn’t only lower office productivity tremendously – but it also makes your space appear smaller than it actually is. Whether you own a small or large small workspace, you must keep it clean. Decluttering your workspace is the simplest way of making people believe that your workspace is larger. Otherwise, if you have plenty of office equipment or furniture with you – there are self storages available, so you can acquire extra storage for your needs.

At Work+Store, we have the cheapest self storages that’ll ensure you find the perfect workspace without breaking the bank. Moreover, all our workspaces and storage facilities come with flexible lease terms so you can upgrade or downsize your establishment. Our terms come with short term lease and contract transfer to various products or services within Work+Store or our parent company, LHN Group, which is a variety consisting of event venues, serviced offices and apartments, commercial and industrial units, and vending machine spots. As you share work and storage space together, you are essentially improving efficiency in goods procurement and ease your logistics procedures to serve your customers better.

With a small workspace, it means you have to be more particular when it comes to design and choice of furniture. For starters, you can follow these tips to maximise your workspace and make it look bigger.

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