Common Problems Vinyl Records Collectors Face

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The interest in collecting and playing vinyl records is rising again. Even after advancement of musical tools, collecting vinyl records is a great deal for many; some appreciate the premium listening experience and audio quality of vinyl, while others recognize the sentimental value of vinyl records especially if kept in pristine conditions. However, there are some common problems that vinyl record collectors and particularly novice vinyl record collectors have to face, besides ensuring you have the extra space or renting a self-storage in Singapore that is suitable to keep your records.

Vinyl records are heat sensitive: Avoid exposing your vinyl records to direct sunlight or heat sources. Prolonged UV radiation and excessive heat can cause your vinyl records to become warped. This also includes leaving your records in a vehicle on a hot day. They can be repaired but they will never be the same. So, try to protect your records from direct heat or moisture of any kind. It will also help to protect the amazing artwork on the covers of your records from fading. When storing at home, find a place where the records will not be exposed to heat (such as sunlight or heaters) for prolonged periods. Storing them in a controlled environment is a great way to keep your records protected. Look for a small warehouse in Singapore near your residence or workplace – you will be able to retrieve or store your records fairly easily as and when you need them while preserving their condition.

Stacking records over each other: If not stacked properly, vinyl records can be scratched or even be rendered completely unusable. The correct way is to stack them vertically side by side like books on a bookshelf rather than piling them on top of each other like CDs, which results in too much weight on the records that are at the bottom. Don’t keep them in a very tight stack as you do not want to apply any unnecessary pressure on them. You should also avoid putting too many records between the dividers as it will create a big visible ring-wear on your covers which will loosen it and cause the records to fall over.

For a bigger collection, you should consider a better solution – a storage room in Singapore. You can keep your records in a stylish wooden box, especially those made specifically for vinyl records storage, to help you protect them while keeping your covers in pristine condition as well from exposure to outside elements. Work+Store is storage company in Singapore offers storage services and storage units for rent, with sizes ranging from 6 sqft to 730 sqft depending on your needs. Units with air conditioning are available and they are accessible 24/7 with keycard access as well as CCTV surveillance to keep your belongings safe and secure. As an idea – you can even invite your family and friends to your unit for a casual gathering and enjoy the music together. As one of the cheapest self-storage in Singapore, Work+Store provide mini self storage units for sizes 1m x 0.6m ($39/month) and 1m x 1m ($59/month) to accommodate your vinyl records or even other belongings that you lack the storage for.

Not keeping your records clean or cleaning improperly: It is important to note that audio on the vinyl is recorded based on grooves on the film. If dust gets accumulated, it not only reduces the quality of the sound during playback, it may even cause distortions thus ruining the experience of the vinyl completely. Cleaning them without due care would result in dust particles collecting in the grooves, and leaving you with an unpleasant listening experience.

It is a good idea to invest in proper cleaning tools, and avoid using commercial cleaning products found in your kitchen as certain harsh chemicals or ingredients can remove the essential protective coating that rests on the grooves. Use special record cleaning brush and sticky roller so you won’t feel sorry later on scarring your favourite Pink Floyd or Beatles record. You can even store your record cleaning supplies and tools together with your records in a self storage in Singapore so you can access them all at once whenever you need to.

Unaffordable and unsuitable storage: If you are looking for extra space for storage, not every storage facility in Singapore is made for storing vinyl records. Most of them are used for bulk storing large objects with high costs while smaller storage spaces for storing records under the right condition may not always be available, affordable or accessible. Finding the cheapest storage space in Singapore can help you store your records properly while being wallet-friendly.

Work+Store is one of Singapore’s cheapest self storage that offers small self-storage units starting from 6 sqft and mini self-storage lockers to store your record vinyl collection properly, as well as your record player, until you need to retrieve them again. As our storage facility provides a clean, cool and secure indoor environment for storage, you would not have to worry about the constant tropical humidity that will potentially damage your records collection.

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