When to Consider Renting a Storage Space

Homeowner’s Edition

You’ve heard about the benefits of renting a storage space — it’s safe, affordable, and you get to maintain an organised, clutter-free home. But when should you actually consider renting a storage space?

We’ve compiled a list of plausible reasons to make that rented storage space worth your time and money.

You’ve recently gained inheritance

The passing of a loved one is never an easy ordeal, especially if you’ve gained inheritance to their belongings as well. You might not have the capacity — both physically and emotionally — to deal with all those items.

If you aren’t ready to deal with the sad mementos of your loved one or want to prevent your place from getting cluttered, why not rent a storage unit to keep aside all that inherited treasure, which can sometimes include whole sets of furniture?

You may not have the emotional strength to deal with inherited items now but you can always store them safely before making a hasty decision.

You’re moving to a new home

The process of relocating is laced with excitement but also undeniable inconvenience. Cluttered spaces, never-ending boxes… oh, the horrors of unpacking!

Renting a storage space eases this transitional phase. It provides extra space for you to properly unpack (read: no more bumping into boxes) and also allows you to try out different furniture arrangements you’ve been thinking of.

The best part? You get to store all of your belongings safely without any risk of them getting ruined when the renovators and painters are around.

You’re downsizing your apartment

Downsizing to a smaller apartment translates to a cosier nest for you and your family. It also means having to get used to a smaller space. Instead of chucking out excess furniture and décor pieces from the get go, place them in a holding area, like a small storage space.

Like moving houses, this can make the process smoother and you’ll be able to test out different furnishing arrangements too. Plus, you can take your time to figure out what works and what doesn’t in your new humble abode.

You’re cohabiting

 To cohabit is to compromise. When you share a living space with someone, you’re bound to give up some of your own possessions. If you have a baby on the way, you have to make for a crib and baby-proof your environment. If you’re getting married but still living with your family, you have to grapple with limited closet and room space.

There are tons of situations when it comes to cohabiting, but rather than permanently give up your items to make space, rent a storage unit. All you have to do is store away items that you don’t need at the moment and save it for later!

You’re a small-scale collector

Let’s face it, we’re all guilty of collecting keepsakes — whether it’s your childhood pillow or your secondary school accolades that do nothing but collect dust. More serious collectors have larger collections to contend with — collections that take up inevitable but precious real estate. Rather than parting with your prized possessions, why not store them securely in a storage unit? That way, you’ll get to keep them and not be nagged by your family members.


Figured it’s time to rent an external storage space? Consider renting one with us! We even offer Valet Storage which allows for fuss-free pick-ups of smaller items at no additional cost.


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