Cool Ideas for Workspace Décor When Starting Your Business

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If you are renting a workspace unit from a self-storage in Singapore, it doesn’t mean you have to work in a plain environment. It is well known that your physical environment at work not only affects your mood but also influences your productivity. If you maintain drab surroundings, it directly affects you and/or your team’s happiness, creativity, and productivity. But with the right décor, you create warmth and inspiration to work productively in.

When starting your business, you can set the tone right from the onset, and you don’t have to spend a fortune on the décor either. Below are some cool ideas to help you with it.

Invest in a Natural Odor Air Freshener

Décor is often associated with visual and texture, and we almost entirely think about what we see. But we should also make use of our other senses that can also have an impact on one’s mood.

Investing in a natural scent air freshener or essential oils to improve the scent in your workspace can make a significant difference in the way you and your staff work, and enhance the comfort level overall. By introducing scents that are harmonious with your workspace, it interests and compels the mind to be engaged. A pleasant-scented and productive workspace leads to a more positive frame of mind where people are more likely to be efficient, cooperative and productive.

One of the cheapest self-storage in Singapore, Work+Store offers workspace units starting from 88sqft onwards. These spaces are great for start-ups, e-commerce and small businesses that need to store merchandise and carry out order fulfilment duties. With basic facilities provided such as aircon, lights and a powerpoint, our workspaces allow you to conduct your daily business activities optimally. This is certainly an innovative work and storage solution where you can work and store at the same time and place, cutting down on logistical inefficiencies and improving better goods procurement for your customers.

Art for Your Walls

Dress up the walls by your desk with inspiring artwork. Choose an abstract art piece that can be a great crowd-pleaser and offers colour to liven the space. You can also opt for motivational word art wall designs, inspired by your business’ vision and values. overall, the decorated walls are designed to motivate you and your employees and help boost the morale at work.

Go for a Minimalist Theme

A minimalist theme will give you a professional look and at the same time save you lots of cash without buying excessive furniture. You can start with a simple desk setup that only includes a laptop and a chair, or also include a drawer and a couple of cubbies to provide the extra space for storage. If you pick a white colour for your desk, it can give your workspace a fresh and light feel that might motivate you to keep it clutter-free. You can store your paperwork and supplies in a drawer that you can access easily within your reach. You are also more inclined to keep clutter away with a minimalist setup which can help to increase your efficiency and mental clarity.

Incorporate Nature Elements

Nature-inspired colors such as green and sky blue are known to calm people. You can also try adding some few potted plants or a form of nature décor to stimulate your mind. Alternatively, you can re-orient your desks to face the windows which provide you with some greenery. Aside from plants, try to place creative artwork made from natural pieces to accessorize the workspace.

These décor ideas are perfect for any workspaces located in a small warehouse or self-storage in Singapore, where you have the flexibility to decorate however you wish to.

If you are looking for the cheapest self-storage in Singapore, Work+Store offers a flat rental rate that is all-inclusive, so there are no unpredictable utilities/facility fee. By combining storage and workspace in a small unit, you can benefit with time and cost savings for your business. Our Work+Store workspaces are located in areas around Singapore including Bartley, Upper Thomson, Tampines, Eunos, Kallang, Ang Mo Kio, and Bukit Merah which offers you great options to accommodate your needs.

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