How to Create the Perfect Space for Your New Dog in Your Home

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Dogs are humanity’s best friend. Besides being a playmate, they offer security and companionship. Are you considering to start the Year of the Dog with one of your own? The idea of bringing this pet into your home, however, may not be pleasant without the right conditions in place. Besides the vet tour to have your pet injected and diagnosed, you need to prepare your household and restructure your home in readiness for your new pet. Individuals who fail to plan early end up taking a long time to readjust living with the pet. In recent news, many dogs have been found removed from their homes as part of the ‘spring cleaning’ process carried out at home for Chinese New Year. This forced removal of dogs from their homes need not be necessary should there have been proper planning taken in the first place. As a new dog owner, you will need to liaise with your family in planning how you will operate in the house with the new member in place. Once you establish this, it is now time to actualize the plans accordingly in anticipation of this new member. Creating the perfect space for your dog in the home will, therefore, comprise of the following processes.

Puppy-proof your house

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Welcoming your new dog necessitates proper planning similar to preparing for the arrival of your newborn baby. However, you will need to exercise more care as they are more playful and curious. This means sticking up hanging cables around your dog access points and keeping away unfriendly toys. Also, while some foodstuffs like chocolate are good for human consumption, they are poisonous to your dog. Thus, you will need to find out what are the foods that will harm your dog and keep them away. You can also cover furniture that could be damaged as a result of the dog’s bites or scratches. It is also appropriate to install baby gates to limit your dog’s access to some specific areas in the house.

Prepare your dog’s bed

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Whether you intend your dog to sleep in a crate for the first training days or a bed, you need to designate its space around your house to ensure it does not feel isolated. Since these pets spend up to 50% of their time sleeping, the area you select should be warm and cosy enough for your pet to be comfortable. If you are using a crate, consider placing some warm blankets for warmth. Creating this space, however, can be tricky if your apartment is small. In such instances, consider storing some of your old household materials in a self storage facility in Singapore to decongest your home. Keeping a new dog in a cluttered home will not only increase the chances of damaging or dirtying your belongings, it may also pose a danger to the dog.

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Prepare your dog’s feeding area

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Setting up your dog’s station implies providing all the essential feeding items for your pet at this place. Dogs can be messy, thus, ensure their feeding area is easy to clean. Among the feeding items to install include feeding bowls and water bowls. The feeding area should be safe enough to minimise accidental spills. Dog food should be provided at regular intervals to train your dog on its meal times. You can leave the water at the designated location but ensure you change it frequently.

By creating the right conditions for your pet, you will help it settle a lot faster in the new surroundings. Moreover, you will be able to manage your pet’s playfulness while maintaining your home to be clean and comfortable for the family.

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