How to Create a Proper Nursing Area for Your Baby at Home

Taking care of your baby is a full-time job. Once the child arrives, your life stops and everything will revolve around him or her. All the decisions you make will depend on whether the baby’s welfare is considered and prioritised. It is a pleasant and sweet job that will fill you with immense joy and gratitude.

The cuddling, feeding, and diaper changes are all some of the activities you will enjoy as you watch every milestone that your child attains. With that in mind, it is therefore essential to ensure you prepare well before your baby arrives. The preparation will make life easier for you. It will also ensure you enjoy motherhood. If you are not sure where to begin, use the guidelines below to give you and the little one a peace of mind and comfort that you deserve as you get to know each other.

Changing table

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A changing table will be an essential item in your home for diaper time. You will be changing your baby’s diapers very often throughout the day and night. A comfortable changing area will make these sessions easy for the mother and baby. When shopping for one, ensure you consider safety. Ensure that the surface is waterproof to avoid urine leakages. Changing mats will also come in handy to protect the baby’s delicate skin from infections while changing their diapers.

Breastfeeding essentials

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Ensuring you are comfortable when carrying out this exercise will make it enjoyable for you and the new-born. A breastfeeding pillow is an excellent addition as you prepare to receive your baby. It makes latching more comfortable and reduces the chances of suffering neck and back pains. Apart from the pillow, get yourself a seat that accommodates and supports your body. If you haunch over the baby, you will end up with back pains. A rocker chair is an excellent option if you can afford it.


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You are going to be holding your baby for long periods either when breastfeeding or just cuddling your baby to sleep. Ensuring that you are as comfortable as possible is therefore crucial. Get a footrest to elevate your feet during these sessions. After leaving the hospital, you may notice that your feet are quite swollen due to water retention and pressure associated with childbirth. The footrest will ease the swelling and improve blood circulation.

Baby Cot

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If you have not purchased one, it is time to go shopping. Once your baby is born, it is best to let him or her sleep in their own crib. While you may feel that your child is too fragile and delicate to be left all alone in his cot, there is actually greater danger if you choose to sleep with your baby on the same bed. Your child may end up rolling off the bed or you may even accidentally sleep on your child. A baby’s cot is made suitable for the baby’s delicate skin and also protects the baby from external harm.

In case your bedroom is too full and cannot accommodate an extra piece of furniture, consider decluttering or removing some items that you seldom use, like your luggage or ski equipment. You can either move some of these items to another room or place them in one of the cheapest self storage facilities available in Singapore. At Work+Store, storage spaces come in a range of sizes from 6 sqft to 445 sqft. If you only have some items you wish to store and want to avoid the hassle of bringing your belongings to the storage space yourself, you can consider our Work +Store valet storage service as well. This service provides temporary storage for your items along with transportation to pick up the items without having you leave the comfort of your home. Apart from clearing a space for your baby’s cot, removing unnecessary items will also help with minimising an accumulation of dust or germs that may cause allergies or skin problems for your child.

Make your life easier and that of your baby by taking the time to prepare for his or her arrival. Shopping well in advance will ease the pressure and make the transition to motherhood blissful and comfortable. Use the tips above and start preparing for your baby’s arrival today.

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