How to Create Space to Welcome Guests in Your House

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Hosting guests is something that one may experience, especially for families who gather with their relatives regularly or someone who loves to invite their friends over. However, most of us think that creating a welcoming space in our home for guests is a great challenge primarily because of a lack of space. Our homes are often cluttered with files, old furniture and other materials that are rarely touched. To create a space for hosting guests in your home, all you need is to know how to create space for one when the time comes. Your study room, living room or any other rooms can be easily converted into a guest space when necessary. Here’s how you can do just that!

Remove space-consuming belongings that you rarely touch


Your ski equipment, surf boards or bulky winter wear do not have to lie in your house if you merely touch them once or twice a year. These large belongings not only gather dust and dirt, it encourages clutter and takes up unnecessary space as well. While the removal of these items may not seem to be able to create a lot of extra space for your guests, you would be surprised at how some simple warm lighting and the right furniture can convert it into a comfortable space to host guests. These items can simply be stored in an external storage space and retrieved when needed. At Work+Store, storage spaces come in a range of sizes from 6 sqft 625 sqft and are accessible 24/7. You can even opt for our valet storage service which provides temporary storage for your belongings while offering transportation to pick up the items for storage without having you leave the comfort of your home. Whether your items are stored in boxes or includes odd shaped items like guitars, golf club bags or luggage, we have a solution for you. By storing these items that you rarely use in the cheapest self-storage in Singapore, you can easily create more space to host your guest and make it a comfortable experience for everyone.

Alternating the home office

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Your home office is your workspace, but you can easily transform it into a guest room as well. How about moving some of the old files or merchandise to a safe self-storage unit and creating space for bringing in some easily movable tables and chairs when your guests are over? Alternatively, you can get a bed with built-in storage features that can neatly fold away when not in use. It is an excellent way to keep your guests comfortable while your office is running.

Make use of the garage

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If you have a garage in your home, you can consider turning it into a temporary guest room. While the garage may be a bit of a strange place to think of at first, it can be done if your house does not have enough space to host a large volume of guests. First, you need to clean it up, add some lighting and maybe paint the walls. Warm coloured curtains will make it exceptionally homely. This space is ideal for big parties or gatherings where the number of guests cannot be accommodated comfortably in the home alone.

These tips will help you make a welcoming space for your guests in your house. More often than not, space in your home can be created and better utilised in ways you do not realise. Make the first step to declutter your home and make space for recreational purposes by storing belongings that are not often used in external spaces instead. At Work + Store, we recognise this need and offer self-storage spaces in an array of sizes, ensuring that you can find the perfect and cheapest solution for storing your items.

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