Creating a Learning Space that Your Toddler Will Love

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Learning is an integral part of human development. For toddlers, this process should be fun and engaging. The learning does not have to be in an enclosed classroom setup. Kids can learn well both indoors and outdoors. To make the learning process an easy one, you will need to consider some factors.

For a toddler to love being in the designated place, it has to be a space where it can retain the attention of your child. You may consider getting your child to play a part in creating this space as well! This can be a fun experience. Below are some things to consider when setting up a learning space for your child in your home:


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Children love colour. It is a good idea to make the learning zone colourful and vibrant. Bright colours are generally preferred over dull ones, just as you see in children storybooks and games. Some of the ways to brighten up the learning space with colours include re-painting the room, having colourful wall hangings as well as making use of tables and chairs that have bright shades. Another way is to put child-friendly wallpapers or posters around the room like an alphabet list or simple words and pictures. You can even include their favourite cartoon characters!

Sufficient space

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A child’s learning area can be made up of two sections, a place for toys and games as well as an area for academic learning. What is important is to ensure that there is enough room to facilitate both purposes. An ideal learning space will consist of a table and chair, a small whiteboard, a play mat and space to store toys and other materials. However, the trouble with many families now is that it is hard to create this space with the limited amount of space available at home. It is a good idea to free up space in your home by keeping your belongings in another area of the house or store them in an external self storage facility in Singapore. At Work+Store, storage spaces come in a range of sizes from 6 sqft to 445 sqft that are secured with a 24 hours access card security system and under CCTV surveillance as well. If you do not want the hassle of transporting your items to and fro a storage facility, simply call 8722 8000, ‘You Pack, We Pick Up’. This is a Work +Store valet storage service that provides temporary storage coupled with transportation to pick up the items for storage without having you leave the comfort of your home. Since children grow up quickly as well, you can even place their old toys in this facility and keep them for future use.


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You should seek to make it an environment that encourages creativity. This can stimulate the creativity and thoughts of your young ones where they are not bound by rules when it comes to their art and learning. You can also use toys that encourage creativity or opt to have a section of the wall as the toddler’s whiteboard. Here, the kid can stick drawings, write or draw on it. This will keep her both physically and mentally engaged.

Conducive environment

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When setting up the learning space, it is key to make it conducive for learning. Establish an area that is free from noise and other obstacles that may hinder learning. For example, you should set up a simple partition between the playing area and the learning area just so that your child will not be distracted by the toys in the play area while learning. The whole space should be well maintained in terms of cleanliness and organisation as well. You should ensure that there are no areas or objects that can pose as potential safety hazards for your child. The toddler should be encouraged to put things in their right place after use and taught to clean the area when they finish playing or learning as well.

Creating a conducive learning environment for your little ones provides their basic needs for education. This also encourages them to participate and enjoy activities that are meant for early childhood development. Also, ensure the setting is designed in a way that makes it easy for you to facilitate their learning. Therefore, ensure it is custom made to meet your child’s specific needs.

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