Creative and Unique Ways to Make Use Of Your Storage Space

Self Storage

Storage units are able to serve multiple purposes since you can transform the space according to your own needs and requirements. There are many ways to utilise storage units: you can use it as a workout space, or a room to exercise your creativity. Regardless, it can certainly be turned into an extension of your own home. Whatever you decide, renting a self-storage in Singapore will reduce clutter from your house and provide you with some personal space as well. We share several unique and creative ways to make use of your storage space.

Creative Room

Cheapest Self Storage Singapore
It’s time to exercise your creative brain juices. Whether it’s painting, drawing, crafting, or toy-modelling, a storage unit could be perfect for you to transform it into a creative space. This also takes the stress off occupying more space in your home and have a suitable environment to indulge in your hobbies, carry out leisure tasks, and even display your completed works!

At Work+Space, we offer storage units for rent in Singapore from 88 sqft onwards so you can decide how small or large you want for your unit, which comes equipped with lights, aircon and a powerpoint for your convenience and comfort. You can find our units located around Singapore including Ang Mo Kio, Bartley, Eunos, Kallang, Bukit Merah, Bartley, Tampines and Upper Thomson to accommodate your needs.

Personal Gym

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Self storage in Singapore is not only great to store all of your sports and fitness equipment, you will also have the space to create your own personal gym area. Instead of letting it occupy space in your house, where your equipment can even “morphed” into a clothing rack for your clothes, now you will have a spacious area to carry out your fitness routine diligently. You can enjoy some privacy while you work out or even invite a workout buddy to train with you anytime to motivate each other.

Chill Hangouts

Self Storage Singapore
Need a laidback and casual space to hangout and call your own? Renting the cheapest self storage in Singapore can let you kick back and chill without breaking the bank. Throw in a comfortable sofa and cooler filled with your favourite beverages, and invite your friends over. Have an entertaining time with board games, movie marathons or simply catch up with one another over snacks and drinks.

As one of Singapore’s cheapest self storage, Work+Space offers storage units on flexible lease terms and all-inclusive rental rates so you are sure to avoid any unpredictable utilities and facilities fees. Each storage unit is secured with 24 hours access card security system and CCTV surveillance to provide a peace of mind and flexible accessibility, so you can access your space anytime to host gatherings without disturbing your family members at home.

Yoga Space

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The walls of storage may just give you a perfect place to do yoga or meditation. Decorate the space well to achieve the ideal Zen surrounding. Having a remote and personal space away from home means you can indulge in yoga sessions without any disturbances and distractions. It offers an ideal respite from the outside world where you can simply inhale the good vibes, clear your mind and feel relaxed.

Storage facilities in Singapore are not only useful to store personal belongings and business inventories, they are versatile and affordable alternatives to serve many different space needs and requirements. It provides plenty of space to keep your things and allows you to repurpose the unit for your personal use.

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