Creative Self-Storage Ideas for Men

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Finding a space that’s only your own (i.e. a man cave) is such a rarity in Singapore. Some may even say it’s impossible to afford! However, with our self-storage units, you have an affordable and secure space that can act like an extension to your home.

The best part? Only you can access it 24/7 or let people in with the touch of a button via our handy mobile app. The space is also exclusively yours to decorate.

Here are some creative ways you can use your newfound space!

Trophy Room

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Do you have a collection of medals from school or NS? Instead of hiding them away in a dusty storeroom where no one can appreciate them, display them proudly in a trophy room. Here at Work+Store, we understand that medals symbolise one of the best memories from your youth and it should be celebrated!

Sports Equipment

Bulky sports equipment can be unsightly in a home environment. Other than collecting dust, they can create a ‘hoarder’ vibe if they take up space near your front door.

Self-Storage is an ideal option for those who are stuck with surf boards, bicycles, golf clubs or other bulky sports equipment that are not used daily, weekly or even monthly. Each unit can be customised to store any type of bulky items – for example, surf boards and bicycles can be stored using racks to maximise space within the unit.

Bro Hangouts

Source: The Smart Local

Need a quiet, kid-and-wife-free space to chill with the boys? Simply throw an old, comfortable sofa into your storage unit and kick back with a cooler filled with your favourite drinks!

Crafts Room

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Many self-storage users treat their unit as a ‘break room’ to carry out leisure tasks like leather crafting or toy-modelling. As self-storage is known as an extension of one’s own home, users find it comforting to know that they have space to indulge in their hobbies and even display them once they’re complete!

Tip: If you have a small toy collection that you’re running out of space to store at home, try renting one of our Mini Self-Storage Units or Valet Storage. They start at $39/month for 1m x 0.6m of Mini Self-Storage Units or $6/box/month for Valet Storage.


Have a crazy idea on how you would use your very own storage space? Send in your thoughts in 100 words or less with an illustration, and stand a chance to win a sponsorship of your very own storage space!

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