How to Declutter Your Home Effortlessly

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Well organised and tidy houses help in making life simpler and happier. You will find items you want to use quickly and the clean environment allows you to walk with confidence and breathe more deeply. However, keeping your house in this state is often easier said than done. With the hectic schedule, many people have today, taking the effort to organise the house often becomes a chore. To help you in your quest, we have come up with these incredible tips that will help you declutter your home effortlessly.

Avoid Duplicates

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To declutter your home, ensure you remove all duplicates of any item you have. Although it is good to keep certain items as back up, for instance, spare keys or glasses, there are other items that will only make your home untidier and more cluttered. For example, do you really need that bag of old clothes at the side of your bed? How about that old fish tank that has nothing in it? Consider putting the duplicates in a box marked for donation.

Alternatively, you can find a storage unit and store these extra items for future use. Work+store offers affordable self storage units that are catered to exactly these needs. Whether is it your personal belongings, household items or any unused equipment, there will be an appropriately sized storage unit for you. In fact, there are even mini self storage units or lockers in Work+Store that are perfect for small-sized items. Every time you see yourself with an extra pair of something, choose the best one and keep the other one in a storage facility or donate it to charity.

Avoid Many Different Patterns


Avoid using too much pattern. Did you know that just a few clashing colours can cause your home to look cluttered? Too many colours confuse the eye and can sometimes make the room look cobbled together instead of looking beautiful and well designed. If you have many collections, you can tone down the busyness by arranging them in some order or by just grouping similar items on specified shelves. You can store the unused collection in a self-storage unit and simply rotate the collections when you feel the need for a change. You should bring all the pieces you love together in one display according to its colour or material. Your multifaceted space will look calm and collected. Alternatively, you can also consider using a Work+Store Space unit that is accessible 24/7 as a collection display as well as a buddies hangout where a flat rate is charged for the space, air condition, light utilities and other facilities.

Loosen the Rugs and Ditch the Curtains

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Your floor is the second largest surface in all the rooms after the walls. You can declutter your home by merely keeping the floor unadorned, making the space feel open and calm. Having a rug is tasteful, but having more than one in the same area may be pushing it. Your room will look clean by just removing one or two rugs. However, that is not to say that you have to give up your beautiful rugs that you bought from Arab. You can simply have them picked up by our Work +Store valet storage service and stored securely at our storage facilities. Simply call 8722 8000 to get someone to pick up the items for storage, all without leaving the comforts of your home. Your eyes can glide over the floor instead of concentrating on objects and furniture. Also, consider taking out the curtains and installing roman blinds that will recess when pulled and fit entirely within the window.

Sort Items in Different Boxes

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Consider grabbing some bags and boxes and start sorting out things in your house. Label your sorting bags or boxes to fit your specification. Remember you can donate the items you no longer use. Separate them into categories like linen, toys, books etc and store them accordingly. You should make full use of the storeroom available in your house and strategise your storage methods. If there are too many boxes to store, you can also opt for our Valet Storage Service by Work+Store as mentioned previously, where you can have your items picked up and stored in a secured storage facility without you leaving your home. With great options like this available, decluttering your home has become a whole lot easier.

Decluttering your home need not be a chore. Sometimes, simply removing a rug or putting that pile of clothing in a box can make a world of difference. What’s more, with storage services now easily available, you can now remove your clutter at your convenience. Approach Work+Store now for more storage services you can enjoy!

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