Decorative Themes to Consider for Your Low-key Wedding

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There are countless yet gorgeous decoration themes that fit a low-key wedding. With the right blend of these awesome ideas, you are sure to have a fanta­­stic and memorable wedding. A casual wedding is best achieved when things are kept simple. You can blend elegance and fun to have the desired low-key vibe.

The most important step to having your dream wedding realized is to choose the perfect location for the event. You can find event space rental in the cheapest self-storages in Singapore that offer an optimal space for your wedding needs. Whether it’s a big or small wedding venue, there are great indoor decoration theme ideas we can explore below.

Vintage theme

The most popular and romantic trend for low-key weddings is choosing to go vintage. The task is to choose the perfect vintage colours that go well with the location and your preferences. Vintage colours include bronze, forest green, mint, rust, copper, aqua, salmon pink, khaki, butter yellow among others. Couples can incorporate elements from an era of their choosing that offers a wide array of vintage ideas and inspiration in their wedding style. Vintage props and backdrops can be rented and arranged to achieve the desired setting.

Rustic theme

The rustic theme is popular for a wedding to evoke a relaxed, countryside setting. The rustic feel is achieved by featuring a lot of natural textures and elements such as burlap, wood, wild flowers and the likes. The use of beautiful wildflowers in jars, twine accents and rough-hewn signage is also very common. Amp up the romantic ambience with props like apple crates, burlap bunting, twinkle lights and candles to style your rustic wedding.

Industrial theme

With this theme, you can incorporate an industrial aesthetic that is achieved through the choice of venue and what way it is styled. Choosing an event space rental from a self-storage in Singapore could be a great choice as such locations typically can offer industrial characteristics such as raw textures and materials. These include exposed brick, aged timber and polished concrete.

Music theme

If you are lovers of music, a music themed wedding is a perfect idea. Incorporate music instruments such as grand piano, guitars and hanging models of music notes as decorative props. You can have a local band perform your favourite songs and entertain your guests. This can be achieved easily in any setting when you rent a cheap wedding venue in Singapore.

There are no limits or rules that govern how to achieve a low-key wedding ceremony. The best way is to be simply creative and keep things relatively simple to meet your preferences. Low key weddings and elegance doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive!

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