Easy Ways to Add a Hobby Room in Your Home


Many Singaporean homeowners may face the dilemma of what to do with the additional rooms in their HDB apartments, condos or even private properties. Some might utilize the rooms as baby nurseries or to accommodate their elderly parents. But for others, they might end up with a storage room that’s full of belongings tossed aside and may have seen better days.

Instead of letting clutter take over your underutilized room, find the cheapest self-storage in Singapore to temporarily keep your items and consider turning the spare room into a haven where you can enjoy your hobbies and share your personality. We share some doable, easy ways for you to add a hobby room in your home, where you can enjoy spending time in.

Assess Your Requirements

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Before you dive in into this project, take the time to brainstorm and figure out what your basic needs are to achieve the ideal outcome. Ask yourself how much space do you need to carry out your pastime comfortably and how much extra space for storage is required rather than fixing mistakes made with actual materials.

Plan Out the Key Areas

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Depending on your type of favourite pastime, from scrapbooking and sewing to jewellery-making and arts and craft, think about what your key areas might be such as a working desk, sewing machine, computer, or an easel. Design your room in a way that you are able to maintain a short distance between those key areas to maximise efficiency and make it more pleasant to work.

If there is existing furniture in the way, decide whether you are able to shift it elsewhere to other areas in the house so it will not affect the space of your hobby room. Likewise, if you have other belongings, sort them through to figure out what is clutter and can be thrown away. If there are items you wish to keep but are seldom used and you lack the storage space, consider renting a self-storage in Singapore.

Work+Store is a storage facility in Singapore which offers storage units for rent. You can choose the unit of storage space sizes ranging from 6 sqft to 730 sqft depending on your needs. Work+Store also provides 24-hour keycard access and CCTV surveillance so you can bring in or retrieve items on your own time and be assured they are kept secured.

Lighting & Décor

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Ensuring your work areas are well-lit is as much a safety issue as it is a practical one. You will have better accuracy in identifying and matching colours – from paint to fabric choices, and gain a better visual of what you are doing. Create a checklist for all the inventory needed to support your hobby room from mirrors and window shades, to decorative objects like photo frames and treasured memorabilia. You can even mount mirrors to make your room feel larger, and include an element of nature with a potted plant. With some added greenery, it can bring a positive effect on your mood and let you further enjoy your private space.

Storage Space

This is another important aspect of your hobby room in order to keep everything organised. What are the tools and supplies you need and use? Your ideal storage space should be able to keep those items within arm’s reach. Be creative with cubbie shelves and storage drawers or even glass jars to store small loose items. If you have larger equipment that takes up space, such as a musical instrument or dumbbells, ensure there is sufficient space for them to be stored away from the center of the room after use to avoid any mishaps.

Having a space in your home that is dedicated to your favourite pastime is not only where you can display your passions and hobbies proudly, you will also have a safe retreat for some privacy. Whether it’s an art studio, a gaming hang-out or a writer’s nook, designing your ideal hobby room is easy with these steps.

The extra room in your house should not lie idle with items you rarely use or the clutter that ends up being an eyesore. You can transfer your occasionally used items to a self storage in Singapore. If you need a helping hand with your storage boxes, Work+Store valet storage service provides temporary storage coupled with transportation to pick up your belonging without you having to leave the house. Rates are from $6/box with free pick-up and $20/return delivery trip. Simply call 8722 8000, ‘You Pack, We Pick Up’. As one of Singapore’s cheapest self storage, Work+Store also offers cost-effective storage solutions with mini self-storage lockers in 2 sizes: $39/month (1m x 0.6m) and $59/month (1m x 1m).

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