Exciting Activities You Can Host for Your Baby Shower Guests

Small Baby Shower Venues Singapore

Celebrating the approaching arrival of your baby is an excellent reason to get your family and friends together. Consider self storages in Singapore where you can enjoy the flexibility to plan your baby shower event and host it as a small baby shower venue.

One of the most important details in planning involves the games and activities you can have plenty of fun with your guests. We have come up with a few of games and activities suggestions you can organize and ensure everyone will have a good time.

Don’t say, “Baby”

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Don’t say baby is an excellent icebreaker activity. Give each guest five short ribbons and ask them to prominently display them. For instance, you can give them cloth pins as ask them to pin them on their shirt or top. Give only a single instruction as you issue the ribbons – “Don’t say, baby. If you hear anyone say, baby, introduce yourself and politely take away one of their ribbons.”

Usher your guests in and ask them to keep their ears open. When they’ve all arrived and settled in, pick out the guest with the most clothespins as the winner. It forces guests to pay attention to each other, and it is especially challenging to avoid the word at a baby shower.

What Baby Item is it?

Small Baby Shower Venues

You’ll need various baby items such as a pacifier and a diaper, and place them individually in paper bags. During the game, hand out paper and pens to guests and pass the paper bags out one by one. Each guest will have to take a guess by feeling and shaking the bag, on what they think is in each bag without opening it. Write down the guesses on the paper and do a great reveal on the answers! The guest with the most correct guesses is the winner.

Balloon Baby Twister

This is a twist to the classic Twister game using balloons. Each participant should blow up at least a balloon and place it under the shirt resemble a pregnant tummy, and begin a hilarious game of Twister. Everyone can have fun laughing and twisting themselves to avoid popping or dropping the balloons in various twisted poses.

Design the Romper

Not every game needs to be a competition or have a winner. Get your guests to showcase their creativity and create a lasting memento for both mom and baby. Get a number of plain baby t-shirts or bodysuits ready as well as non-toxic fabric paints or fabric markers for each participating guest. They can have fun flexing their creativity and decorate an outfit for the new baby. When everyone is done, place the finished creations on a table and you can guess which guest decorated each one.

There is plenty of fun to be had at your baby shower event and keep it lively and memorable. Ensure there is ample space for you to decorate and host any activities to your heart’s desire. Look into one of the cheapest self storages in Singapore for event space rental that is also perfect as a small baby shower venue.

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