Five Spring Cleaning Tips for This Chinese New Year

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Chinese New Year is just around the corner and you are hosting guests in your home. However, your house looks like a giant mess and you are wondering how on earth guests will visit in this chaos. We all tend to accumulate unnecessary items in our homes, things that we cherish and things that we believe will be useful in the future.

However, over time, they lose their value and we no longer touch them. These items eventually clutter your home and occupy space that you could have utilised for items that are more useful. When did you last give your home a thorough cleaning? Could it be in the last year Chinese New Year or when you had guests coming over? If your home feels like a garage and you can no longer enjoy your space in the midst of the mess, then it is time to turn it into the once ambience and pristine home. Here is a guide for your Spring cleaning this year:

Assess your home

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Before you think of how to make your home a better place, assess it. Check all the shelves and cabinets for dust and roaches that may have accumulated over time. Then check your walls to see whether they will require a dash of new paint. How about the flooring? Are they glazed and charred and will you need to replace a tile here and a wooden floor there? This kind of assessment will give you an idea of how much time you require for the exercise, the tools you need and whether you will require to purchase any materials.


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Once you’ve assessed your home, you have a rough idea of how much time you will require and all the tools needed. You may not complete the entire cleaning in a day. Prepare a detailed planner on how you will work. You can start with the walls, cabinets and finally the floors. You do not want to start with the floors and end up messing it in the process of cleaning the windows or cabinets.

Seek professional services

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You may be very particular about cleanliness and only consider a home clean after personally working on every part of it. Though you will enjoy the gratification that comes with accomplishing such a task all alone, sometimes you may require professional services to clean up the home, especially if you have a busy schedule. Fixing a broken tile, repairing your damaged wooden floor or even repainting your home will require a skilled pair of hands to avoid messing up your home in the name of fixing it.


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We all love to cling to items we no longer use and always think of using them someday. However, the truth is you that these items are the ones that are contributing to the mess in your home. You should take out some time to look through your belongings and throw out some of those that are no longer of use. If you have many items that you wish to keep for memories or for future use, consider putting them in a self storage unit at our Work+Store storage facility. For a cost-effective solution, consider utilising our self-storage facility located at Ang Mo Kio! By signing up now, you get to enjoy a 50% discount off your first 3 months of storage lease. For people who prefer to have their items picked up from their home, you can simply call us at 8722 8000 for our ‘You Pack, We Pick Up’ service. Our Work +Store valet storage service provides temporary storage coupled with transportation to pick up items for storage. Hence, you can have your items stored away without having leaving your home in the middle of your spring cleaning. Your items for storage may include excess clothes in your wardrobe, souvenirs, utensils and even electronics. Whether your items are stored in boxes or includes odd shaped items like guitars, golf club bags or luggage, we have a solution for you.



Once you have decided on the items to keep, don’t just trash them around your home. No matter how clean the house is, if items are not well organised, it will still look busy and cluttered. You can consider buying organisers that can accommodate several belongings at once.

Use empty containers to store items such as jewellery, makeup and even cutlery. They are better off in such a container than scattering them in your kitchen cabinets or closet.

While spring cleaning is often associated with Chinese New Year, you should not forget to keep your home clean once the festivities are over. This will mean getting back to where you started. Carrying out this exercise frequently will help you keep your home clean, organised and pristine all year round. You don’t always have to wait for the festivities to carry out the exercise. Set aside a weekend every month to carry out the cleaning and you will enjoy the ambience and elegance of a clean and organised home.

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