A Fix For Expats Who Are Short of Storage Space in Singapore

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Singapore is often dubbed a utopia for expats. It’s a great place to live, work and an international hub where people from around the world come to do business. However, there is a challenge for people who look to live and work in this utopia. Singapore’s property sizes have been shrinking over the years. What’s more, Singapore has grabbed the title of the most expensive city in the world for expats for four years running. What does this mean for expats?

This means that housing options have been getting pricier and smaller in size for expats, whether you are looking to rent or buy an apartment here. For those who have brought over furniture or belongings from their home country to Singapore, this could pose a problem. Where are you going to store all these belongings without cramping up your whole apartment?

One way of resolving this problem is by settling on a reasonable and cost-effective solution like Work+Store Self-Storage. Depending on the size and amount of belongings you have, Work+Store will have a storage unit that can suit your needs. A self-storage space is a simple yet effective solution to your lack of living space. Work+Store can help store your belongings to reduce the clutter in your home while providing you access to it 24/7. If you are an expat that has just arrived in Singapore and find that you simply have no more space for your belongings, consider these factors to identify the most suitable self-storage solutions for yourself:

Size of Unit

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The most important question to ask yourself when considering the size of storage space to rent is what should you keep and what can you kick out? Consider storing items that you do not use frequently but have personal value such as trophies, old and unused furniture or even your luggage. Once you have the list of items you want to store, you can consider engaging a seasoned mover to advise you on moving and arranging your unit to maximise the utility of every square foot.

Since the size of your storage unit determines the cost you have to pay, you should consider it wisely. The storage units that are available at Work+Store Space ranges from 50 sqft to 300 sqft and can be used to store anything from your furniture to small personal items. It is important to find a provider with more storage size options in case you require any storage upgrade in the long run.

Location of the Facility

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How often would you like to access your stuff? While cost is a factor, you should consider the distance you have to travel to get to your storage space. If you don’t need to access your stuff regularly, you can go for facilities that are further away from you if they cost significantly less. On the other hand, if you would like to store belongings where you can access regularly, you should get a unit closer to you for convenience.

However, with Singapore’s small land size and efficient transport system, distance should not be a huge issue. Work+Store Space has storage spaces in 5 different locations that are easily accessible and can offer a convenient solution to individuals and business users alike.

Rent and Other Fees

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Self-storage service providers often charge a monthly rent, security deposit and a one-time administration fee. Service providers also have the freedom to vary these prices and can change the rental charges on a running contract provided they follow the appropriate notification procedures.

To get the cheapest self storage solutions, you can check out the packages that storage facilities offer for their rental. At Work+Store, the rental fees include the facilities and utilities fees as well as GST, hence, you do not have to worry about any hidden costs.

For expats who are used to living in big houses back in their home country, moving to Singapore can be a very different experience. Singapore has the double fate of being one of the best countries to live and work in but also one of the most expensive cities.

If you are facing storage problems in your new apartment, contact Work+Store at +65 6578 9966 now to find a self-storage solution for you!