Fun & Entertaining Activities to Include in Your Wedding Day

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Weddings are fun and joyous events. Guest arrive with smile-branded faces and hearts full, ready to celebrate the union of the newly married couple. But that’s not all that keeps guests entertained during a wedding. Often, there are other activities that keep the event alive, fun and memorable.

If you are looking for an event space rental to plan your wedding reception, consider self storages in Singapore that can be an option for affordable wedding venues. Most of the time, the rental spaces are flexible, therefore, ideal for you to plan any type of activities. This is so you can keep your guests’ attention and ensure they have fun and mingle with one another instead of being on their phones for most of the time.

Check out below for some fun and entertaining activities you can include in your wedding day.

Break the Ice at the Food Table

Give your guests an opportunity to mingle and break the ice right at the food station. You can lay out a variety of teas in a do-it-yourself tea point or bag-your-own-tea station. It allows them to pick their favorite teas or create their own unique blends and engage in conversation and get acquainted as they savor the different flavors.

Hire a Live Band

If you managed to secure an affordable wedding venue from the cheapest self-storage in Singapore, you might still have some cash to space in a wedding band. It is more than just playing the perfect playlist for your wedding day, the right live music will set the mood for your celebration and dictate the wedding atmosphere. From good old fashioned love ballads to upbeat pop hits, your guests will be kept entertained as they enjoy their food and socialize with one another.


Get down to the music and introduce some karaoke fun to your wedding. Guests can try a song and belt out some tunes. You can set a scheduled karaoke time to limit the performances so your wedding reception won’t turn into a karaoke concert. Most importantly, it should help to keep the party going and let everyone have an amazing amount of fun.

Hold a Dance-off

One of the benefits of securing an event space rental from a self-storage in Singapore is you will have plenty of flexible space to plan and arrange how your wedding reception will look like. You can allocate an area to turn it into an dance floor and get everybody on their feet. Some people can dance up a storm or there’s others who are just simply looking for a good time. This is where you will also have your first dance as a newly wedded couple.

No matter the sort of activities you plan for your wedding, having the right space for it is also crucial so it can adequately accommodate your planning and ensure a fun time for everyone. Work+Store is one of the cheapest self storages in Singapore that offers event space rental alongside workspace and storage units for rent. We have 36 industrial and commercial properties islandwide under our parent company, LHN Group, that are suitable for various occasions and events such as a small baby shower venue or malay wedding venue. The floor size ranges from 50 sqft to 18,000 sqft with starting rates from $50 to $3,697 per day, making it option to consider if you are looking for cheap event space rentals. Our rental spaces have no limited pax capacity and are highly versatile to accommodate your planning requirements, so you can fit various entertaining activities for your guests without hassle. It also comes with basic fit-out including air conditioning, water supply, loading bay and 24-hour accessibility for a seamless planning.

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