Fun Game Ideas to Organize for Your Kid’s Birthday

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For every parent, you obviously want the best birthday party for your child. It is a special occasion where you would want to throw an exciting bash to paint a big smile on your child’s face and create lasting memories. Planning the best birthday celebration entails various details such as searching for birthday party venues in Singapore, food catering and guest list.

A great party always has a memorable theme. Look into renting a unit in any cheapest self storage in Singapore to store away the birthday themed decorations, accessories and furniture so it won’t take up space in your home.

It is also important to come up with fun and exciting activities to keep your child and the guests entertained for a good time. Are you short of awesome ideas? Here are a few ones you can try out!

Animal Charades

This is a fun game for children. Start off by printing various animal pictures, fold the papers and put them inside a bucket. The game starts with the first child choosing a piece of paper, who will need to act out the animal silently as the other children guess what animal is being portrayed. They each can take turns and have their fun acting out the animals! If it gets too challenging, they can also imitate sounds the animal makes for some added laughter and fun. You can also switch it up to include action words for more variety.

Balance Beam

This is an easy set up. Tape down a line of various lengths using a masking tape, and the rest is up to your creativity! Use spirals, zig-zags and curves at different angles for some challenge. The rule is your child and other kids have to only walk on the line, and they can accomplish this on timed mode as well!

Musical games

A classic game! Aside from chairs, you can use coloured papers taped to the ground and call them ‘islands’. The children can dance while they move around the islands, until when the music stops and they scramble to claim the spot.

Pop for prizes

Kids will love this as they get to win surprise gifts by popping balloons.  You can write numbers on small papers and put them inside the balloons before blowing them up.  You can then task kids to pop balloons and see the number inside. If it matches the number that represents a certain prize, the kid wins it. Everybody gets to win a prize and have a smile on their faces.

Find a perfect venue for the party

Your home may not offer enough space to throw the birthday party your child deserves, so consider hosting it at an external location. No matter your budget, there are various affordable birthday party venues for you to choose from so you don’t have to break the bank. Unique party venue rentals such as self storages in Singapore offer event space rental or event hall rental that are suitable for any type of occasion. You can certainly host your kid’s birthday celebration in a location where there are adequate amenities and with the space requirements you need to accommodate your guests and activities.

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