Fun Workspace Decor Ideas When Starting Your Business

It’s exciting to start out on a new business. Regardless of where you are renting a workspace from, such as a self storage in Singapore, your office environment plays a big role in influencing the work mood and productivity level. A dull and dreary ambiance are more likely to make your employees feel stressed, tired and uninspired in their work.

The daily motivation and productivity level should be provided through the working space and surroundings. The décor should not only be unique and aesthetically pleasing, it should offer a stress-free and conducive working environment.

Find out below some workspace décor ideas to spruce up your business space when starting your business.

Add Some Life with Plants

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Scientific studies have proven that plants offer positive benefits and bring life to your workspace. They provide a lot of greenery while also brightening up your environment and livening it up. It is also suggested that by looking at nature, this can shift the brain into a different processing mode which makes employees feel more psychologically engaged and relaxed, to focus on their work better.

Choose plants that can thrive well in indoor workplaces such as rubber plants and succulents like cacti and aloe. This can certainly jazz up a dull space with some natural beauty.

Let the Light in

Singapore Cheapest Self Storage, Singapore Affordable Business Space

When you are renting a business space from a self-storage in Singapore for example, keep in mind about the lighting in the space. Lighting has always been important aspect of a well-designed working environment. It is linked to increased productivity and lower stress levels, particularly for employees who work long hours in front of the computer. Dim lightning does not only strain the eyes and cause migraine headaches, it also results in lack of focus and drowsiness. This leads to a stressful work environment that contributes to employee fatigue.

Natural lightning is often the best choice to light up the environment, which does not only affect how you are able to see, but also boost your energy levels and moods. On the other hand, artificial light can introduce screen glare on the computer screens and does not replace the refreshing effect that natural light brings.

Furniture for Rest Areas

Having a rest area to take breaks in between work and refresh is essential for the mind to stay focused and maintain productivity levels. Maximise the utility of the space you have rented by introducing some comfortable furniture such as sofa couches and recliners as well as cushy pillows.

Special Touches

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Even if you have rented a budget working space from the cheapest self storage in Singapore, any working environment needs a special touch to transform it into a space that people would love coming to work to.

Introduce fun, practical things that can make the working space pleasant and unique such as bean bags and a dart board that people can use to blow off steam. These may not be the most important things in a workspace, but they still play a significant role in inspiring and motivating your employees.

Don’t be afraid to show off your company’s personality when it comes to the working culture, when adding perks and special touches to your office. When selecting the amenities, ensure that each item serves a practical purpose and each perk can contribute to the productivity and wellbeing of your employees.

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