Going Green at Work

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Easy, eco-friendly workplace solutions

Want to refresh your workspace to be kinder to the environment but don’t know where to start? Here are some budget-friendly ways you can cultivate a greener culture at work.

Don’t Leave a Paper Trail

Computers make it easy to consolidate all important documents, such as records, internal memos, and minutes. So why print out anything at all? Making the switch to digital will also ensure you always have easy access to documents you need, as well as important backups of your work.

Tip: a digital news bulletin will be a good way of keeping your co-workers informed on the latest company updates!

Share Your Ride

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We’ve all been guilty of taking one too many Uber and Grab rides in a month. Instead of taking individual taxi rides to and from work, why not try carpooling with your colleagues?

Sharing the commute will be easier on the wallet and the environment, plus riding together means you’ll have the chance to get to know them better. Improving your relations with your colleagues can also bring positive changes to your work environment!

Dispose Those Disposables

If your pantry is full of disposable cutlery and cups, consider switching to your own cutlery. Encourage your colleagues to leave their own set of cutlery and mug at work as well so they don’t create more waste. Your workspace will also be saving costs on kitchen supplies!

Tip: you can further reduce disposable waste by sourcing pantry supplies in bulk or from the wet market. Avoid individual plastic wrapping and opt to bring reusable glass canisters to old-school biscuit stores at the wet market.

A Breath of Fresh Air

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Add some green to your workspace by having plants. It’s easy enough to implement, so this is a handy tip for those of you who may be using a co-working space or working in a temporary workspace!

Placing a small potted plant on your desk can help brighten a sterile work environment, recycle the air around you, and bring a smile to your face.

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