Going Smart with Your Storage Habits


Storage units are essential in a wide range of situations. For instance, moving homes, decluttering your home or office and even for commercial storage needs. For whatever reason you are securing the unit, make sure you are using the storage space as efficiently as possible. Smart storage will give you as much value as possible and help you maximise the use of your buck. How should you store your belongings to maximise the utility of the space? Here are some tips to help you in going smart with your storage needs:

Use Boxes of the Same Size and Label Them

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It is essential to mark the boxes and write a brief description of its content; this will help you save the time of opening every box when looking for a particular item and provides easy identification. Ensure you label everything including the hidden, the visible, and also consider hanging a checklist inside the door to show you where your items are. You can colour the boxes instead of labelling them too. It is also advisable to use boxes of the same size since they are easy to stack and also allows you to use your space efficiently. If you have cartons that are not uniform, place the most substantial items in the big boxes and light objects in the small boxes so that you don’t find it difficult carrying the boxes on top when you need to access the boxes below. Use boxes that are strong enough to be stacked as well. If you are in need of storage materials, Work+Store carries a range of items including carton boxes, tape, bubble wraps and locks in our W+S Box Shop that can be used to store your belongings securely.

Store your Property in a Way that Allows Ventilation

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Although this may not be a threat, there are different items that should not get exposed to cold or heat like your electronics or old photographs. Store your belongings in a way that allows proper ventilation in the storage space. Don’t place the items that are heat-sensitive near the window, and either double wrap or insulate the items that require more protection. The self storage units available in Work+Store comes in both air-conditioned and non-air conditioned units. Hence, simply let the personnel know your preference or get their advice on which unit is the best to store your delicate.

Save the Storage Space

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A wide and empty storage space may tempt you to place your belongings haphazardly, but that would simply be wasting space. Make sure you conserve the storage space you have to prevent the need for the reshuffling of your boxes when you need more storage space. To make full use of the space in the room, the best idea is to stack your storage boxes up. At only $10 a box per month including storage space charge, Work+store offers storage boxes of industrial grades that facilitates safe stacking of the boxes without the risk of them toppling over while keeping your items well protected. You can also make use of racks which Work+Store can provide to store your items as well. Consider minimising space consumption by storing furniture and mattresses vertically. Disassemble all your furniture and make sure you properly seal their respective hardware in bags and label them instead of storing them in their fixed structure.

Wrap What You Can

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For items that are more fragile or delicate, ensure you use bubble wraps or any other protection to keep the items safe. This way, you will ensure that your items do not get damaged and at the same time, prevent dust from collecting on your goods when they are in the storage unit. For dishes and other fragile items, place a protecting layer of fabric or paper at the bottom of each box, in the empty spaces between them and the top.

Being organised is the key to smart storage. Organize your room by putting items that you require more often at the front of the store and leave a passage in the store to enable easy accessibility within the store. Use a lock to enhance the security of your items. It is also essential to get a storage space that provides maximum security. That is why at Work+Store, each storage unit is secured with a 24 hours access card security system and under CCTV surveillance as well. Regardless of the item you are storing, you can be reassured that your goods are in safe hands. Work+Store even enables you to give one-time digital access to your guest via a mobile app so you can get someone to retrieve whatever you need remotely without worrying about passing the key around.

If you wish to find out more about Work + Store and our other storage options feel free to contact us at 6578 9966 or email us at space@workstore.com.sg for more information!