Guide To An Event Checklist To Help In Your Planning

Event Hall Rental, Small Baby Shower Venues

Whether it is a small party or a huge celebration, it is crucial not to miss out an importable detail that may affect the event. Planning a memorable event that impresses is not easy. Your event checklist will need to be foolproof so nothing slips through the cracks and get you more organized.

As an event planner, finding great resources in an event checklist can help you find some calm amidst the chaos and make the whole process easier. We share some of the essential must-haves in your checklist so you can deliver a memorable event.

Type of Event

Event Hall Rental, Small Baby Shower Venues

Whether it’s a small birthday party or wedding celebration, deciding the kind of event you are organizing will help you to make the decisions in finding the ideal event hall rental. Today, there are self storages in Singapore that offer unique event rental spaces suitable for small baby shower venues, solemnization venues and more.

Other venue considerations involves accessibility, infrastructure and ambiance. Choose the right one that can suit the nature of your event and its requirements such as décor design and capacity. From there, you can create your guest list and determine the number of attendees so you can plan out seating arrangements and catering.

Establish a Budget

Event Hall Rental, Small Baby Shower Venues

Setting a budget and monitoring it is another important aspect in event planning. It keeps you on track of expenditures and prioritize on items that you want for your event without pushing you over budget. Check out whether there are cheap event space rental packages offered by the cheapest self-storages in Singapore to help you get more bang for your buck.


Event Hall Rental, Small Baby Shower Venues

There are event space rental providers that allow for flexibility in catering, so you will have a wider range of options in cuisine types to feed your guests. Find out the allergies and food preferences when you send out your RSVP invites to the catered food can accommodate everyone for a good time at your event.

Day-of Breakdown

Event Hall Rental, Small Baby Shower Venues

Having a schedule, in front of and behind the scenes, on the day of event is crucial to ensure things run smoothly. It can assist you and anyone else who is giving you a helping hand during the event to know what time things should be set-up and by when to expect the arriving guests. It also helps you to confirm timings of all your vendors, from caterers to A/V equipment, so they can prep on time.

The schedule also entails the highlights of the day and the time things are expected to take place such as cake-cutting or games time. There are self-storages in Singapore that offer 24-hour accessibility to the venue rental so you would not have to fret about not having enough time to prepare the set-up before the event starts.

As an event planner or organiser, using a checklist can save the day and ensure things are not overlooked when there is a mountain of tasks to be completed. Regardless of the event you are planning, you can find cheap event space rental at Work+Store, one of the cheapest self-storages in Singapore. Ranging from 50 sqft to 18,000 sqft, our event spaces are highly configurable so you can enjoy the flexibility you need to fit your event requirements such as planning the seating configurations. They also come with basic fit-outs such as air conditioning, water supply, parking facilities and 24-hour accessibility to set up your event with convenience. Find the ideal event space within your budget – our rates start from $50 to $3,697/day. Under our parent company, LHN Group, we offer event spaces ranging from 50 sqft to 18,000 sqft, which are located in more than 38 properties across Singapore.

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