Handy Tips on How to Organise & Clear Out a Messy Wardrobe

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As we buy more and more clothes, the wardrobe gets fuller and fuller to the point that you’ll find yourself struggling to close the door while your clothes are bursting out of the wardrobe. Besides cleaning out your closet, if you are drowning in clothes, having an organised closet space is also important so things are kept neatly and in places where you can find what you need easily. If there are clothing items that are only used occasionally, consider renting a unit in any small warehouse in Singapore which provides an extra space for storage to safely keep your possessions.

Read on for some of our tips and tricks on organising your wardrobe for a neater storage space.

Regularly Fold Your Clothes

Folding clothes is a rather obvious tip, but did you know knit items in particular, such as sweaters, blouses and t-shirts should be folded to prevent hanger bumps? Also, we understand the tendency to feel lazy and procrastinate in regularly folding your clothes from the moment they’re done from the laundry. When you keep telling yourself that you will fold them later, you will end up with a messy wardrobe where there is a growing pile of clothes shoved in shelves and drawers.

If you have deep shelves, place clothes that are seldom worn at the back and clothes that you reach out for the most at the front. Alternatively, you can store seasonal wear and occasionally used clothes at a self storage in Singapore.

Work+Store is one of the cheapest self-storage in Singapore, offering storage units in a range of sizes starting from 6 sqft to 730 sqft with flexible lease terms and all-inclusive rental rates. The units are equipped with basic features like air conditioning and lights, as well as 24-hour keycard access and CCTV surveillance to provide you with great accessibility and a peace of mind for your belongings. With rental of self storages in Singapore, you can conveniently store your garments and clothes that are occasionally used such as for special occasions or seasonal holidays, so you can free up some space in your closet and retrieve it when you need it.

Colour Coding

When you organise your closet rack by colour, it makes searching and outfit matching with certain pieces of clothing so much easier. If you are looking for a blue top to match your skirt, you can look to the blue section of your wardrobe instead of digging out all your tops and risk leaving your wardrobe in a messy state. The same goes for accessories – organise by jewellery type and colour instead of being overwhelmed by the kaleidoscope of colours the moment you pull out your accessories drawer.

You can also organise your closet by item type: camisoles and blouses in front, followed by long sleeved tops, sweaters, then dresses and skirts. You will have a better overview of everything in your wardrobe which is clearly visible, so you can also see how many pieces you have in various colours and prints, to easily mix and match your garments.

Install Closet Organisers

Make your closet work for you by installing an easy system of racks and hooks for hanging and storing accessories like hats, belts and scarves. Get your hands on smart space-saving tools like 4-tier fold hanger will help you manage your closet space. Because hanging space is so valuable, an over-the-door shoe organizer will come in handy to store your favourite footwear. This makes it easier to co-ordinate your outfits as well.

Vertical Storage

Most of us are used to placing folded clothes in drawers horizontally on top of each other, and that can result in a topping effect when it gets too high but it can also make it difficult to search for clothes when they’re at the bottom pile. Instead, place them upright side by side so you can everything in the drawer at one glance. This also prevents you from messing up the clothes when you dig deep into the pile and pull out a piece of clothing.


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This is a common problem for those who have messy wardrobes. Make a rule; if you have not worn a piece of clothing in a number of months or a year, it’s time to get rid of it. Anything that doesn’t fit, is stained, and in bad condition has to go too. You’ll be left with good outfits that will make you look good, and have the extra space for storage to make way for your future purchases.

Sort out what you wish to get rid of from your closet and store them in a warehouse rental in Singapore temporarily while you figure out whether to donate, give it away or sell it at a flea market.

Your wardrobe space is precious, so keep that in mind as you organise and clear out your closet. As amazing as shopping therapy is, it can become a waste of money if your closet is messy and you can’t find your clothes or maintain its condition.

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