A Hoarder’s Hacks to De-cluttering Your Home in No Time

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The thought of living in a clutter-free environment appeals to many, and there are plenty of benefits to this. Your house will not only look more organised and inviting with open, uncluttered spaces, you can minimize dust accumulation to care for allergies and health issues, and expect to feel more rejuvenated and relaxed when you come home to a clean house.

Revamping your home can be a life-changing moment. So, take the step now to de-clutter and consider a self-storage in Singapore. It is one of the most practical ways to manage stuff from your home that are not needed at the moment and keep them temporarily in a storage space. With plenty of affordable options and cheapest self-storage in Singapore available, below are some hacks that will get you de-cluttering in no time.

Organize Before You Buy


Before you buy any storage bin to organise your belongings, start to de-clutter and reduce your pile first. The more you have can lead on to more and bigger storage bins that end up occupying more space and overcrowding your home, which ultimately is unsightly to the eyes. Assess what you need and get a few small-sized storage containers that can easily be tucked away neatly in cupboards or bookshelves. If you have too many items you want to keep and sort through but you are running out of space, rent a self-storage in Singapore to help out in your de-cluttering process. Work+Store offers self storage spaces ranging from from 6 sqft to 730 sqft, managed by all-inclusive rental rates and flexible lease terms. The units are monitored by CCTV surveillance with 24-hour keycard access, so you can temporarily store your items safely, especially bulky, odd-shaped items such as surfboards and golf club bags, while you decide how to organise them at home. A more convenient option is our valet storage service which includes pick-up and delivery service just a call away or through our mobile application. If you need to use any of your stored belongings, such as your golf clubs this coming weekend, you can arrange for it to be delivered back to you before the weekend.

The 12-12-12 Approach

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An excellent way to de-clutter your home is the 12-12-12 approach as proposed by minimalist blogger Joshua Becker. You can identify 12 items to give away, 12 things to discard and 12 items to be stored properly. Doing this regularly will help keep the hoarding at bay and de-clutter your home. Besides, you can have fun with the family while organising. Get your spouse, kids or other family members involved, so they can participate with their own belongings and encourage each other.

The 365 Less Things Strategy

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It may be tough to choose what you need versus what you don’t need. To motivate and help you along, the 365 Less Things strategy came about in 2010 by an Australian mom who set herself up for a New Year challenge. It is a resolution to reduce stuff at home and de-clutter by giving away, selling or throwing away one item a day for the rest of the year. While you may not choose to do it daily, start weekly or monthly and you will eventually amass a number of de-cluttered items. If you are still unsure whether to dispose, donate or sell and you need temporary space for it, a self storage in Singapore is a viable solution. Besides Work+Space’s self-storage units, we also provide a valet storage service to transport your items for self storage conveniently, so you can avoid the hassle of moving your items personally and having to leave the comfort of your home. Simply call +65 8722 8000, ‘You Pack, We Pick Up’.

The Five Minutes Strategy

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It is often said that the best way to hack a major goal is to set out baby steps and ensure you reach smaller, more do-able goals every day. While de-cluttering can be a daunting and tiring task, the five minutes method proposes that you spend just five minutes a day in doing so, whether to pick out an item or two amongst your possessions. This is especially ideal for procrastinators, where starting with five minutes can help most people to achieve a feeling of satisfaction of completing a task, and therefore, are encouraged to spend time and effort on it.

In conclusion, getting organized is all about taking the first step. These tips are sure will help you avoid hoarding in your home and enjoy living in a clutter-free environment. As one of the cheapest self-storage in Singapore, Work+Space offers cost-feasible options to accommodate your storage needs. Self storage units start from $250/month for 50sqft, as well as mini self storage units (lockers) at a monthly rate of $39 (1m x 0.6m) and $59 (1m x 1m), suitable for any small-sized household and personal possessions. For valet storage service, rates are from $6 per box with free pick-up and $20 per return delivery trip.

If you wish to find out more about Work+Store and our other storage options, feel free to contact us at +65 6578 9966 or WhatsApp us at +65 8345 9966. Alternatively, you can email us at space@workstore.com.sg for more information!