Home Makeover Ideas For Next to Nothing

Chuck out your ‘use and throw’ mentality and embrace the ‘reduce, reuse, and recycle’ mantra with these easy upcycling projects at home.

Still short on space no matter how hard you’ve tried to declutter? Time for a secret weapon: safe and flexible storage facilities outside of the house.

Make your own wine cork bath mat

Love a daily glass of wine? Put those corks to good use by making your own bath mat. 175 wine corks, hot glue sticks, and a shelf liner (which can be found in hardware stores) are the main things youll need to get down to business. You can even carry the theme through your house by upcycling wine bottles into affordable lamp bases.

Turn used tin cans into plant pots

Reuse those food cans youve been throwing away by turning them into plant pots or rustic storage vessels. Clean them well with soap and water before spray-painting— this helps to ensure the cans stay rust-free. You can also use clear varnish if you prefer a minimalist look.

Tip: have extra cans lying around? Make your own wine shelf.

Transform old drawers into wall shelves

Need storage but want to free up your floor space? Use the drawers of an old dresser to maximise clutter-free organisation while giving the illusion of a larger room.

Create your own ladder shelf shoe storage

Shoe organisation is notoriously finicky. To keep your entryway clutter-free, consider a ladder shoe shelf to maximise vertical storage and keep the floor clear of stray sneakers. This project also works well for smaller apartments with limited in-built shoe storage solutions.

DIY your own copper lamps

Update your interiors with modern lighting that will set you back the cost of a can of spray paint. Simply disassemble fabric-covered lamp shades from the ‘90s and spray evenly for a sleek copper finish.

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