Household Tips for Parents Who Are Preparing For a Baby

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The arrival of a newborn brings a mixed reaction from parents with some being happy and anxious at the same time. Some parents, especially first-timers, get carried away by excitement as they anticipate their new born’s arrival and dwell more on the less important matters. As a parent, you should first put your house in order in readiness for your newborn. Starting with the basics, your baby will require a sleeping space, a diaper changing space and a play space. Moreover, the structure and fittings in your household may not be that convenient for your toddler to stay and play safely hence there may be a need for readjustments. This article provides you with essential household tips that can help you prepare to receive your bundle of joy.

Create space for your baby

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Whether you intend to share your room with your baby or not, one thing should be clear; your baby needs their space. If you are lucky to own a big apartment, then convert one of the rooms into your baby’s bedroom. However, if your house is small, then you should look into storing some of your belongings in a self-storage facility in Singapore to make space in your home. While you may successfully make space in one of the rooms, you do not want to place all the belongings you removed into another room and end up over cluttering your own living space. With self-storage, you can make space for you and your baby without having to throw your belongings away. At Work+Store, storage spaces come in a range of sizes from 6 sqft to 445 sqft and each storage unit is secured with a 24 hours access card security system and under CCTV surveillance as well. Your items for storage may include excess clothes in your wardrobe, souvenirs and even electronics. Whether your items are stored in boxes or include odd-shaped items like guitars, golf club bags, furniture or luggage, we have a solution for you.

If you find it a hassle to transport your belongings to an external self-storage facility yourself, you can also opt for our Work +Store valet storage service, which provides temporary storage coupled with transportation to pick up your items without having you leave the comfort of your home.

Also, your baby’s health should be placed as a priority. By removing the clutter in your home, you can also reduce health risks for your baby that are associated with the accumulation of dust, pests and germs that may result in allergies, skin irritation or even respiratory problems.

Improve the safety standards around your home

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Some issues we tend to overlook in our homes may pose a significant threat to our baby’s safety. As a new parent, therefore, you need to take several rounds in your house to check for weak furniture that may break when exerted reasonable weight by the baby or loosely hanging wires and sockets to ensure your baby stays safe. Where possible, smooth your furniture edges or place corner guard on the edges as these are likely to injure your baby if they bump into them.

Organize your home

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Set aside everything your baby uses from your own to create a neater environment that allows anyone to easily differentiate what can be used for different purposes. This will mean organizing their utensils in the kitchen, their shower equipment in the bathroom as well as their clothes and toys. Have proper boxes, cabinets or shelving to store your babies’ things and ensure their room is quiet enough with little light penetration to facilitate their rest. Heavy curtains, in this case, will serve the purpose. Also, ensure that your baby’s room is not overstuffed with clothes and toys for free air movement. You can also set up the baby’s feeding, dressing and diapering stations in their room and maintain their cleanliness after each use.

As a new parent, you should realise that parenting is not all about feeding and dressing your baby but also ensuring that they are comfortable living in their new home. Once you set your household ready with the above tips, you can rest and wait for your new bundle’s arrival.

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