How A Workspace Rental Suits Freelancers & Entrepreneurs

Affordable Working Spaces

Technological advancements in the present age, coupled with job fragmentation and seamless connectivity are significantly altering the labor market. The growth of the gig economy and disruptive innovations have resulted in significant changes in traditional jobs, created room for rising entrepreneurship and illuminated emerging cracks in the traditional labour market.

Today we see more and more freelancers and entrepreneurs even in Singapore.

At the same time, a complimenting trend has been the rise of workspace rentals. These are ideal for freelancers and startup businesses because they provide all the benefits a traditional office space would but at a fraction of the budget. There are plenty of affordable working spaces and business spaces for lease, and they offer a conducive environment to work in. Nowadays, you can also find self storages in Singapore that offer workspaces for rent with facilities equipped to support business activities. Read on as we explore how a workspace rental can suit the needs of entrepreneurs or freelancers.

Working Spaces are More Flexible
Affordable Working Spaces
Unlike the traditional office space, workspace rentals are more flexible. They offer an ideal working environment that can accommodate your working schedule at any time of the day. You’ll get to work at a time when you are most productive. Also, you can capitalize on work days when you need to put in extra hours.

In the cheapest self storages in Singapore, there are cheap business spaces and working spaces for rent that are extremely easy to scale up as your business grows. There are short-term and flexible lease terms so you can find one to fit a one-person business or a team of two, or more, depending on your company needs.

Provides Stability

Affordable Working SpacesFor freelancers wishing to move out of working from home, workspace rentals offer the stability and structure that traditional offices provide along with the flexibility you desire. The same applies if you are an entrepreneur and have employed a staff member. You can provide a stable working environment with predictable routine and minimal distractions during working hours.

Also, as you work in an environment where other people are working, it keeps you motivated and more productive.

Workspace Rentals Help You Make Valuable ConnectionsAffordable Working SpacesBesides enjoying the flexibility and optimal working environment that workspace rentals have to offer, you can also gain the opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs or freelancers like yourself and expand your knowledge and skillsets.

In the same office space or self-storage in Singapore, you can promote your business, collaborate on projects, get leads to potential clients or learn from other professionals. Workspace rentals place you in an environment full of high performing individuals who can be your potential partners, clients or mentors.

Access to Services and Facilities For Your Business NeedsAffordable Working SpacesThere are the cheapest self-storages in Singapore that offer freelancers a well-furnished and professional working environment. It takes away the trouble and start-up cost of setting up a new office especially for a rapidly growing enterprise. Businesses can gain access to basic infrastructure like air conditioning and power points to get their day started.

Work+Store is a storage facility in Singapore that offers work space units for rent, starting from 88 sqft onwards available islandwide. They are located in Bukit Merah, Kallang, Eunos, Tampines, Bartley, Upper Thomson, Pasir Panjang and Ang Mo Kio. The units are secured with round the clock CCTV system and keycard access so you can work at any time of the day in your units. Another added benefit is our work spaces allow you to have the extra space for storage of goods and merchandise so you can work and store at the same time in the same unit. Businesses can expect to lower logistical inefficiencies, carry out order fulfilment duties effectively and have a better management of goods procurement. Under our parent company, LHN Group, we also have 36 properties in Singapore that offer bigger unit rental for office and warehouse in commercial and industrial spaces.

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