How Businesses Can Boost Employee Productivity Effortlessly

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Meeting customers’ needs, providing excellent services and high-quality products all make up a successful business. However, achieving employee productivity in the workplace is equally as important.

When employees are comfortable – their productivity will progress. Their ability to get more quality work done within a shorter amount of time and improvement in time management on smaller tasks will increase significantly.

In order to ensure employees are happy and productive – you need to give a lot of attention to office interiors and design. Continue reading below to understand what are the five key factors which contribute to better performance and productivity in your workplace!

Provide your team with the right tools

Self Storage Singapore, Workspace Rental Singapore

Interiors and design at the workplace are an add on to improve productivity. Before anything else, the primary concern of an employee to enhance productivity is the tools and applications used in the workplace.

But the primary concern of an employee to enhance productivity is the tools and applications used at the workplace. Your team’s skills are required for quality business performance. By engaging with the right software, you’ll help to make their work more accessible and ensure a smooth workflow.

Keep an organised workspace

Self Storage Singapore, Workspace Rental Singapore

A workspace that’s well-designed and free of clutter can improve one’s work environment tremendously. Especially when the workplace is stored with all the office essentials and perfect ambience – it’ll create a stress-free environment and ensure limited distraction for an employee to increase productivity.

Only keep office equipment or materials that you need – as for the rest, place them in a workspace with temporary storage. When you do that, you’ll also be giving yourself extra space and reducing clutter. If you’re still searching for a suitable workspace that acts as a self-storage as well, you can pick from our variety of workspaces at Work+Store. Besides letting you store goods in our containers in the same unit, you also get to enjoy 24-hours access to your workspace, a powerpoint, air conditioning, and sufficient lighting. We also offer some of the cheapest self-storages across 10 locations in Singapore, consisting of Upper Thomson, Ang Mo Kio, Aljunied, Kallang, Tampines, Bukit Merah, 72 Eunos, Bartley, 100 Eunos, and Pasir Panjang. Right now, there is a promotion at our Aljunied location where workspaces are rent-free so you can enjoy greater savings. Get in touch with us to find out more. Terms and conditions apply.

Upgrade employee skills with training

Self Storage Singapore, Workspace Rental Singapore

Every business needs to be up-to-date with the current technology according to market demand – and the same applies to employee skills.

As an employer, you should provide the necessary training to employees for them to improve themselves. It doesn’t always have to revolve around technical skills – it could also be oral and communication skills, learning a new language or even time management. By doing so, you are not only increasing their ability and work performance but showing your concern for them.

Better workplace conditions

Self Storage Singapore, Workspace Rental Singapore

To boost employee happiness, designing a healthy and comfortable workspace environment is very important. Improving the workplace environment not only involves a study desk or cosy chairs – it includes the quality of lighting, food, proper ventilation, and a quality heating-and-cooling system.

Here’s where the right choice of workspace comes in – you need one which grants you the freedom to design the interiors however you want to. Minor investments can modify your environment into a more productive workspace. At Work+Store, our self storages help you to achieve that goal with our flexibility when it comes to decorating your workspaces. There are no restrictions at all and you can comfortably design your workspace into your desired theme. Even when it comes to our lease terms – we are equally flexible. We offer contract transfers to other services/products within our premises or even our parent company, LHN Group, comprising options like serviced offices and apartments, vending machine spots, pop-up store location rentals and event venues.

Many different factors contribute to increasing business growth, and one of them is improved employee productivity. To achieve this, you can start by decorating your interiors and creating a comfortable environment.

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