How can Your Business Benefit from a Self-Storage Unit

Running a business without having a storage unit can be difficult because it can actually offer many advantages to enhance your business. From storing product inventory to equipment and supplies, homes may not always be suitable for a business owner to store all business-related things. It can be disruptive to family members and simply take up too much space. Here is where a self-storage in Singapore can provide a great solution with plenty of benefits for your business.


Singapore Cheapest Self Storage
The foremost benefit of storage facility is the ample space. You might need extra storage space as an extension of your office or to operate your business from. Think about storing all your spare parts, supplies and merchandise stock conveniently while solving your storage issues.

Work+Store is a storage company in Singapore which offers various sizes of storage units for rent ranging from 6 sqft to 730 sqft and work space units starting from 88 sqft onwards. Depending on the size you need, you can efficiently and fully utilise the given space when you have carefully considered what to store inside. If you are storing all of your merchandise products in one unit, you can easily carry out order fulfilment duties and have better stock-taking and goods management.


Cheapest Self Storage Singapore
Businesses can trust on the reliability and security that self storage facilities can provide. There are security systems installed to leave you with a peace of mind and make you feel assured that your belongings are looked after and kept safe and secure. At Work+Store, our storage units are equipped with 24-hour CCTV surveillance. Tenants can also wish to install their own CCTV in their unit as well to protect their items.


Self Storage Singapore
When looking for a self storage in Singapore, an added advantage is the great accessibility it can provide so you can easily visit the unit whenever you want to. You can take out items or add more to your self-storage unit as you like without being restricted by the operating hours of the facility. Work+Store offers 24 hours access card security system for your convenience and easy access to your storage unit. You can also give one-time digital access to your guest via a mobile app, so you can authorise someone to retrieve whatever you need remotely without having to pass the key around.


Singapore Self Storage
It is possible to find the cheapest self storage in Singapore and save more! The rates of renting a storage unit are much lower compared than investing in an office space, which can be a costly long-term commitment.

As one of Singapore’s cheapest self storage, Work+Store offers cost-effective options ideal for start-ups, e-commerce and online businesses. We have flexible lease terms and all-inclusive rental rates for space and utilities such as air conditioning and lights. Aside from offering short term lease, Work+Store is also flexible enough to offer contract transfer to other products and services within Work+Store itself or even within our parent group, LHN Group, such as pop-up store location rental, and commercial and industrial units which are suitable for those who wish to upgrade during the contract period. You can also choose to downgrade from your existing contract from self-storage units to mini self-storage units or locker rental. Keep your business expenses low with flexible payment and only pay for the storage space you need!

There are various advantages of how a self-storage unit can improve and grow your business. Besides providing the required space to store and secure your items, you can also improve goods procurement and management and operate your business smoothly.

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