How Does Workspace Design Affect Your Employees?

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The well-being and comfort of your employees largely depend on how well your office is designed. A beautifully designed and functional workspace are bound to improve the productivity and efficiency of your employees.

Moreover, a well-designed and cheerful office space will ensure that your employees look forward to coming to office every day. Read on to find out the positive effects which design has on employees.

Reduces stress

Self Storage Singapore, Storage Space

Studies have proved that a well-lit and bright workspace helps in reducing stress. A well-lit workspace with lots of natural light emanates a sense of comfort. Additionally, it means that employees don’t have to strain their eyes to work on their laptops and desktops. This, too, will reduce cases of headaches and eye problems. As such, a well-lit and bright office space help reduce stress and ensure the well-being of your employees.

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Give more space

Self Storage Singapore, Storage Space

Having extra storage space will always come in handy for employees – especially those with plenty of documents or personal belongings. You could provide additional storage space by installing in lockers in your workspace where employees can keep their personal items. This will show your concern for the well-being of your employees, allow them to feel more satisfied with the management, and improve their efficiency.

We are able to offer mini self storage lockers that come in 2 main sizes – 1 x 0.6m for $39 per month, whereas our 1m x 1m locker is available at $59 per month, suited for 1 or 2 big luggage, for tinier personal belongings. In addition, our flexible and appealing lease terms only involve a short period, and we can provide contract transfer to other sorts of services and products in Work+Store or even our parent company, LHN Group, that includes a wide array like industrial and commercial units, pop-up store venue rental, and so on.

Boost physical and mental health

Self Storage Singapore, Storage Space

A small workstation is not only detrimental to the physical health of your employees but for their mental health as well. A tiny and cramped workspace with no room for stretching one’s legs or have their own personal space will prove to be extremely harmful to employees and subsequently reduce their efficiency. Thus, providing your employees with well-designed office space is a must if you want them to work efficiently.

Design and layout aside, to ensure that employees are efficient in their tasks – opting for a workspace with an ancillary office will help fulfil this purpose even further. Our workspaces can also act as ancillary office to assist with your industrial activities or admin operations in one place. At Work+Store, we have the cheapest self storages and workspaces, which provide CCTV surveillance and accessibility all day long. By joining storage and workspace – it will improve overall customer satisfaction levels by bringing up efficiency in logistic procedures and goods procurement.

A well-designed workspace doesn’t just raise the efficiency levels of your employees, but it also assures that they are productive and happy as well. Design your workspace splendidly, and you’ll be able to end up with a pleasant layout and appearance that’ll satisfy employees and customers as well.

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