How E-Commerce Business Can Benefit from Self-Storage

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We are living in the age of Internet and social media. From making purchases to sharing information, most things are done through the Internet today. The ever-increasing technology has led to an increase in e-commerce. Most of the retailers nowadays run their businesses online where they can extend their customer reach further and wider without necessarily having a brick and mortar.

A crucial component that can make e-commerce successful is storage facilities. How exactly do self storages in Singapore benefit e-commerce? Why would businesses need one when they are selling online? Here is what you should know:

Storage space 

Despite the fact that e-commerce stores operate online, they also need a physical location such as a small warehouse where they can keep their inventory and also process the orders receive to ship products to customers.

As an e-commerce business, you can benefit from storing your merchandise and stocks in temporary storage. Aside from having space to facilitate order fulfilment, you can also gain extra space for storage of slow-moving stocks and seasonal items that are not in demand as other items.

Flexible lease terms

When you are running a small business, signing on a flexible lease agreement is more beneficial for you, especially to grow your business. Self-storages offer such flexible terms that can accommodate your short-term needs, so you would not be tied to long-term commitments that can be costly in the long run. If you need a bigger space capacity, you can upgrade your size accordingly and easily. Flexible lease terms are also healthy for almost every business because, in a way, it helps you manage your finances well.

Low overheads

The good thing about renting from the cheapest self storage in Singapore is not only for the affordable storage rental but also getting savings for overheads and utilities. At Work+Store, we offer flexible lease terms and all-inclusive rental rates for our storage spaces that come fitted with electricity, air conditioning and lights. This means you won’t be faced with unexpected costs every month and are able to focus more on lowering your expenses to grow your business while getting more value out of your storage rental.

Cut down logistics issues

Storage facilities do not only provide storage spaces for rent; you can also find workspace rental that provide an optimal working environment for you to carry out your daily business activities. When you are able to store and work in the same space, you can reduce logistical inefficiencies and improve stock-taking and goods procurement for your customers. These facilities also have loading bays and parking lots so you can handle incoming and outgoing deliveries efficiently.


With the availability of self-storages, e-commerce businesses no longer worry about storage issues to store their stock and meeting customer demands. They can direct their full attention towards boosting their online presence and increasing their sales.

Renting from a storage facility does not have to break the bank either. Work+Store is one of the cheapest self storages in Singapore that provides storage and workspace rental, ranging from 6 sqft to 730 sqft for storage units, and 88 sqft onwards for workspaces. There is 24-hour CCTV surveillance and accessibility, so you can access your unit anytime you wish to. By sharing work and storage space, you can improve efficiency in goods procurement and smoothen logistic processes to serve your customers better.

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