How Self Storages Can Be Cost-Saving For Your Business

Singapore Cheapest Self Storage, Budget Working Space

The concept of renting a unit from a self storage in Singapore nothing new today as more and more entrepreneurs see it offers a cost-effective way to run the company and handle business operations. This is especially relevant for new start-ups, small business and e-commerce.

With the availability of finding the cheapest self storages in Singapore, it provides a solution in budget working space as well as storage space rental.

But how exactly does self-storage amount to cost saving for your business? We’ll explore more below.

Cut Down on Expensive Warehousing Costs

Singapore Cheapest Self Storage, Budget Working Space

Self-storage facilities make an excellent choice in getting the extra space for storage for your business needs. They also offer flexible lease terms so you do not have to worry about long-term commitments and lengthy expenses.

You can find the cheapest self-storage in Singapore and pay for the space you require so you’ll fully optimize every square foot without overpaying or underutilizing the space.

Save on Security Costs

Singapore Cheapest Self Storage, Budget Working Space

Whether you are looking for extra storage for important business documents or storage space for additional inventory, security is often a top priority to safeguard and protect your valuables.

There are self-storages in Singapore that offer enhanced security features such as manned entrances, controlled access, and CCTV monitoring. And the good thing is, they are all included in the lease terms so you get to enjoy both an excellent solution for extra storage and high-security standards at a low cost.

Cut Down on Rent and Transport Costs

Singapore Cheapest Self Storage, Budget Working Space

Traditional office spaces can be costly and come with long-term lease contract. For new and small businesses, this could be a financial constraint. Self storages offer workspace rental in Singapore where you can work in as well as store your goods. This is also beneficial in helping you save on transportation costs and reducing logistical inefficiencies so you can better serve your customers.

Upscale or Downscale More Affordably

Singapore Cheapest Self Storage, Budget Working Space

Businesses like e-commerce often operate in cycles, swinging between peak and off-peak seasons. During the peak seasons, most companies will boost production and require extra storage. On the other hand, during the slow seasons, companies might scale down production and storage space often lies idle.

With flexible monthly rental terms, you don’t have to ‘waste’ precious capital by renting space in anticipation of a boom period expected six months down the line.

You can scale down on your inventory and your storage space during the quiet times and upscale inventory as well as get extra space for storage in a more affordable way. For example, Work+Store does not only offer short-term lease terms, but also provide contract transfer to other products and services within Work+Store or our parent group, LHN Group. You can choose to upgrade during the contract period, such as pop-up store location rental, or downgrade from the exist contract to smaller self storage units.

In conclusion, self-storages in Singapore helps you to cut down on overheads, use business capital more profitably and flex storage costs in line with business cycles. Self-storage is not just extra space for storage; it’s a cost-saving strategy for entrepreneurs.

Work+Store is a storage facility in Singapore that offers storage and work spaces for rent with flexible lease terms and all-inclusive rental rates. They are suitable for start-ups, e-commerce and business that require storage spaces and the capacity to fulfil orders. This provides a convenient solution to work in as well as store goods in one unit, so you can have better goods procurement as carry out your daily business activities. Facilities are included in the unit such as lights, powerpoint, aircon and 24/7 keycard access and CCTV. You can find our working spaces for lease in 8 locations islandwide, namely Bartley, Pasir Panjang, Tampines, Bukit Merah, Kallang, Ang Mo Kio, Upper Thomson and Eunos. Under our parent company, LHN Group, there are bigger unit rental for office and warehouse in commercial and industrial spaces across 36 properties in Singapore.

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