How To Create A Safe Space When Resuming Work Amid COVID-19

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wFollowing the launch of Phase 2 to reopen the economy, more businesses will be allowed to return to the workplace and officially start work once again.

However, it is not to say that business, socialising, or the workspace design will be as per normal – in fact, several changes will have to be made in ensuring the workplace conditions are safe for employees to work in.

Hence, whether it’s in your plan to acquire a new, cheap office space for lease or just return to your workplace – here are a few steps to keep in mind.

Maintain distancing

Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Affordable Office Space

Make a rough sketch of your workplace, the different rooms (if applicable), desk dimensions, and draw out the various ways the tables and furniture can be arranged in to ensure social distancing. For example, you could separate small tables which were originally grouped together for discussion and collaboration reasons. Meanwhile, if you’re struggling to come up with a clear structure – search up room design templates on the Internet.

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Put up barriers whenever possible

If shifting furniture to separate your staff is not an option; perhaps, barriers may do the trick. With adequate finances on hand, you may opt for higher-quality and much more aesthetic barriers to fit in with your workspace appearance. However, if the cost is a concern – for the short-term period, you can use large pieces of wood or cardboard, polyethene plastic sheeting or even plexiglass for a cubicle-like separation.

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Keep your workspace clean

As surface and hand disinfecting wipes as well as cleaning products may be hard to get a hold of, there are different DIY solutions you can create and use in your workplace. From bleach to hydrogen peroxide – there’s a lot of cleaning tools at your disposal which can easily kill germs. For example, you just have to mix 5 tablespoons of pure bleach with every gallon of water for your own, customised disinfecting solution.

Other than making sure your workplace is spick and span, productivity and collaboration are two equally important factors. At Work+Store, we have the cheapest self storages and workspaces that can even operate as ancillary offices, letting employees from different departments come together and manage several tasks – marketing or manufacturing related. Fusing a work and storage space into one introduces a unique and creative solution that allows for easier handling over logistics procedures, efficient goods procurement processing, and refined customer service.

While your business may be allowed to resume operations, you’ll still have to take safety precaution in the workplace by implementing certain measures.

The importance of putting in place the appropriate safety and health measures are necessary for the wellbeing of your employees. Hence, if you have not prepared your workplace in such a way – make sure to take the required action before employees officially return to work. Even if your business is not permitted to resume work just yet – staying prepared beforehand and paying heed to the various safety measures are crucial. In the meantime, Work+Store still grants access to our self storages and workspaces. Existing tenants will just have to ensure they follow the implemented measures and rules accordingly as per what the government has put into action. Working hand in hand, whether it be through social distancing or putting our masks, are simple, little actions that will go a long way in slowing the spread of the virus.

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