How To Create A Workspace Which Supports Innovation

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Workspace design isn’t just solely done for impressing your clients and partners, but it’s also for the efficiency and productivity of your employees.

Creating a workspace which is well-designed, comfortable, and fosters a friendly atmosphere will help employees perform better and even boost their creativity. It will help them think more clearly, which will subsequently help your employees come up with a fresh and innovative idea.

So, how do you go about it? What are the aspects you must consider before you go into the design phase? Read on to find out what are the steps you can take.

Encourage interactivity

Self Storage Singapore, Business Space For Rent

An interactive and open workplace environment helps develop a feeling of camaraderie amongst your employees. As your employees interact with one another, there will be more exchange of ideas. This can result in innovative ideas; which can help improve your company’s business position. Thus, your workspace layout should be such that it should help your employees become team players, and this will help build solidarity amongst your employees.

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Create different spaces

Self Storage Singapore, Business Space For Rent

These days, open workplace concepts are the trend for many businesses. However, a lack of privacy may prevent an employee from working to their full potential. Rethink your open workspace design and ensure there’s enough ‘personal’ space given.

For instance, you could create rooms for various purposes – such as social areas like a game room, quiet areas, conference rooms, and so on. This will help employees to feel comfortable knowing that they have different spaces to look forward to for different activities.

Flexible working hours

Self Storage Singapore, Business Space For Rent

Flexible working hours establish trust between you and your employee; they have more control over how and when they are able to put their time in tasks; resulting in happier and more productive employees. There will also be a drop in absenteeism as employees are less stressed, knowing that they are given flexible working hours whereby they can finish their tasks according to their schedule.

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Putting up inspirational quotes

Grab a couple of posters with inspirational quotes or encouraging words, then, put them up all over your workplace. Or you could even choose to pass out motivating words to your employees on a piece of paper. Set a day where each employee has to give an encouraging note to a random person; this will help to push each other to work harder and come up with fresh, innovative ideas. It’ll even bring employees who are not so close at first, together.

Inspirational posters aside, ensuring your workplace has basic facilities is important for the well-being of your employees as well. At Work+Store, our workspaces come with lighting, air conditioning, as well as a powerpoint. We have the cheapest self-storages and workspaces, which you can carefully select according to your business requirements; size and budget-wise. When it comes to easing logistics processes and increasing efficiency in goods acquisition to boost customer service – our unique solution of merging workspace and self-storages together helps to achieve all three aspects easily.

Designing the layout of your workspace carefully and adding the right initiatives can inspire creativity among employees and boost employee performance tremendously. Start with these few steps, and you’ll soon see a difference in your team and workplace.

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